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Featured Corona. Fame. And. .... Shame

Discussion in 'The Coronavirus Section' started by Expat Jack, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Time’s of trouble bring out the best and worst in people and corporations.
    Here’s my starter for 10. Add as you like but please stay objective. This it is a serious post. Those who I shame I will never ever use again in my life. Those who I fame have a loyal customer.

    Virgin Atlantic.
    Billionaire Branson lays off staff whilst probably lying on the beach. So much for the people’s champion.
    State owned airline stand down 20,000 staff without pay

    Foc home delivery from their owned petrol stations for 70+
    And, foc fuel for emergency service workers.

    Our Supermarkets.
    First hour for those in need. Coop for fast recruitment drive.

    Get the idea?
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  2. Fame
    Pretty much all delivery drivers now, but particularly delivering vital or essential products for survival, they have become of front line importance now.
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  3. Jhoots Pharmacy for profiteering.
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  4. fame. I came home to find one of these notices on our window. not that anyone will see it as we live half way up our mountain.
    Shame, the shop was full of tourists and none of them used the washing faculties the community put in.
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  5. Brewdog the brewers of Americanised ales is now making and giving away free alcohol based hand sanitisers
    Which is nice.
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  6. Surely a pharmacist would do this to stop panic buying and keep stock of remaining for the really needy? Did they have any other stuff at those prices?
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  7. should the supermarkets put prices up 10 fold on essentials?
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  8. No, and that's a straw man.
  9. lol, how so?
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  10. Shame, a local charadee shop that a friend of ours volunteers at. Manageress puts up a bottle of anti-bacterial hand wash, [cost £1] for £6. Our friend protested and was told it was " supply and demand, besides the profit goes to charadee"...
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  11. You seem to be implying that just because I think the pharmacist could be reasonable to protect stocks that I should think the supermarket should too (which I don't).
  12. sorry dude! i wasnt trying to imply anything , more just asking out of interest and conversations sake if you thought it reasonable for the supermarkets to do the same as that chemist.
    in fact i didnt even take form your original post that you necessarily thought the chemist was right in doing this.
    personally i think it wrong for either.
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  13. Local Tesco has agreed to let the local food bank, whom I volenteer for, have first dibs at 6:30am. We offer our service users fresh produce so need stock of this for the two days a week that we open :upyeah:
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  14. Fame.
    some shops and supermarkets are opening between 9am and 10am for pensioners only.
    the alcohol isles don't open till after 10am.
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  15. Shame a lot of them open at 6am for everyone else and the home delivery pickers so by 9am when the pensioners turn up it’s all gone anyway........it’s the thought that counts though :confused:
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  16. aye, I think about going into supermarkets quite a lot. it never happens tho.
  17. The negative is the bog roll bandits and the positive is the medical staff throughout the country in the firing line doing their thing to save us all with out complaint.
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  18. Shame - anyone using it as an excuse to 'go sick'.
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  19. Then it shouldn't be on general sale at highly inflated prices, it should be behind the counter and supplied to the needy on demand only at the normal price. When challenged by the TV Jhoots said it was a mistake.
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  20. or testing!

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