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Corona. Fame. And. .... Shame

Discussion in 'The Coronavirus Section' started by Expat Jack, Mar 19, 2020.

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  2. :joy:
  3. The EU has yet to agree the ventilator scheme, then they have to get everyone to agree the budget, then they have to get everyone to agree where the warehouses should be, then they have to agree who is on the committee to manage the scheme, then they have to stockpile the ventilators in the warehouses so that the committe can decide who gets them.

    Meanwhile the UK are getting in with it.

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  4. fame..supermarket workers

    shame....supermarkets, some of whom announced a 20% upturn in profits within the last month. I hope they share that opportunist good fortune with their staff
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  5. Admiral Fish & Chip Shops are still open in Sheffield....:eek:

    Also i saw a video on Facebook yesterday of a gang of Asians having a street party in Popple Street Pagehall Sheffield :poop: :mask: ...the video has since been removed...:upyeah:
  6. Fame.. just got my home delivery slot from the local supermarket. Yayyy. I've ordered fully trimmed turkey, parsnips, brussels and some fancy crackers. :upyeah:
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  7. Our localish pub The Queens Head

    Take away fish & chips with 2 pints ale £6.95.
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  8. Shame.

    Pedigree, advert for dogs ‘dentastix’ now starts with ‘dogs have hands too, help keep them clean with dentastix’
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  9. well beyond his vacuum cleaners he does have form for taking a perfectly good product and redesigning it into a far inferior product whilst simultaneously quadrupling the price
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    The Government has announced today that, for the Easter break, certain groups are allowed to go to parks and Beaches and invite friends round for BBQ’s.


    While the majority of the population will remain in lockdown the following groups will be allowed to gather together at parks, beaches and visit each other’s houses.

    Shit heads
    Half wits
    Stupid fuckers

    Anyone not in those groups must follow the guidelines set out by the Governments regarding social distancing.
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  11. Why should footballers prop up a poorly run NHS. Not so long ago, people were saying how NHS management and the consultants were working for both the NHS and private hospitals.
  12. About time people step back and take a real good look at the NHS. How it's managed, their procurement strategy, charities run by CEO's

    I don't accept the old argument how whatever government won't give appropriate funding.

    Sure write off the next debt. Disgusting way to reward bad management. A bit like the bank bailouts.
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  13. Shame is too light a word for whoever did this,


    "Kent Police is continuing to appeal for information after nine tyres were found to be damaged on six ambulances between 8pm on Saturday, March 21 and 7am the following day. Officers are also investigating a report that further damage was caused to three tyres on two ambulances overnight between 6pm on Saturday, March 28 and the following morning.
    In both reports, the vehicles had been parked in Haine Road, Ramsgate."
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  14. This is all it takes to turn a manageable situation into a human catastrophe

    If only we could turn crass stupidity into usable energy ....
    .... hell knows , there is an abundant quantity of it !

    Coronavirus: Arrests after men lick hands and wipe supermarket food

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