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Cota Moto Gp - Round (spoilers)

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by Red899, Apr 8, 2024.

  1. Whilst MM was clearly outgunned by both the blistering pace of Martin, Bastianini and Vinales and the soon to be thorn in everyone's side, Acosta, I think the desire to retain his former COTA domination, simply had him ask too much from the bike which even he could not save. It's clear he's fast but I still don't believe he's fast enough to match the speed of the factory bikes and the young blood that will inevitably surpass him. Even on a factory bikes others were being made to feel less than adequate in the presence of Acosta, who on a satellite bike and a team with a considerably smaller budget, showed that it's not always what's under you that matters. Then again he is only 19 and a little cocky. A few injuries and some maturity will temper that as the years roll by, as it does to all riders, when you realise your not immortal.
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  2. Makes sense. In favour of Acosta though, so far, he has never looked out of control. Unlike MM back in the day. Pedro looks to be on a different level, incredible on the brakes, turning in etc.
    …we will see.
  3. My 1p's worth
    I agree with Hodgson, its good to see this down to the riders now and not who has the fastest bike. Obviously Yam and Honda are not in it but the others are. I dont think Mark on last years bike is at any great disadvantage given he is beating the factory bikes.
    Jake is BSB material and should have gone to WSB. The powers that be are too keen to get a brit on the GP Grid and its not fair on Jake or Lowes or even a Redding to throw then into a class that we just dont have a feeder for.
    As for Acosta ? lets see its early days. Jake famously said last season i am as quick as Acosta ? I see it as Jake is not as quick as his bike but Acosta is probably quicker than his bike
    When i see Rainey and schwantz and Roberts i still think the best has been and gone with moto GP, especially the 500cc bikes.
    So what about Liberty Media Corporation ? Is it in it for the Sport and fans or the corporate boxes , celeb endorsements and advertising ? Take a look at F1 ? its sad shadow of its past glory now where bending the rules, sex scandals and dubious steward decisions make the headlines before the racing. All in MHO of course.
  4. Acosta is mature beyond his years on a bike. The bike ( so far at least ) appears to be doing exactly what he wants it to do with very little drama. I know it’s early days ,but to see a young lad doing what he’s doing just puts a massive smile on my face and it won’t be long until he’s on that top step.
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  5. I have just returned to the UK after my trip to COTA and a tour of Texas and Oklahoma. I have to say that the Race was one of the best I have attended. The yanks know how to organise an event. The track was amazing (the turn 15 stand was great), food great, (breakfast tacos fab) lots of trade stands with manufacturers providing test rides (Not Ducati though) It was easy to get in and out the organisers and Police did and incredible job smoothing the way from the track to the Interstate. Highly recommended.
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  6. My Dad said the same when he did Laguna a few years ago now, glad you had a good time :upyeah:
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  7. When we went to Laguna Seca in 2013, Dorna hospitality ran out of cold beer on the Saturday. Call that organised ? :joy: Andy
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