Couple Of Pics From Donny Track Day

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by james griffin, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Camera man didnt seem to move from this spot the lazy bast lol ill upload a vid of a few laps and a little low slide 2moro








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  2. THread moved
  3. Sorry i dont use the site much where should i of put it ?
  4. Here :)
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  5. Looking good pal
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  6. Needs more skids and wheelies James
  7. Great pics!
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  8. It has to be said you look like a racer, definitely looks like you know how to ride a bike well.

    Great style.
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  9. Far from a racer i just do track days only done donny and caddy need to venture out more lol
  10. Cant keep the front end down dosnt help am 9.5 stone so like a flag in the wind on this thing lol
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  11. Great pictures you look the part
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  12. this HTML class. Value is little video from the day with a low slide crash at the end