749 Couple Of Small 749 Questions

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by pluisje, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. I've had my 749 for a couple of weeks now, excellent bike! There are a couple of small things I noticed which made me curious though.

    1. What is this unused plug near the steering stem for?

    2. What are these bolts under both sides of the exhaust?

    3. And last, I noticed the display has some scratches / marks in the corners. It looks like these are only in the top layer of the screen, is this like a screenprotector that can be removed & replaced, or is that permanently bonded with the screen, and will trying to remove it damage it?


    And yes, I've noticed the maintenance symbol :) I've already done the small stuff myself and inspected the belts, I still need to pick a good place to get the valveadjustments done (and have them replace the belts as they're coming off anyway).
  2. 1 I believe that is to plug in the maintenance computer thingy for reading error codes.
    2 They are for the standard number plate bracket
    3 Looks like there may be a film applied over the screen. See if you can carefully lift it at the corner.
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  3. 1 = no. That port is down by the battery.

    Don't know what the one near the headstock does.
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  4. @Cream_Revenge that's what I thought as well.

    I did more some digging through the service manual, I saw some mentions of a connector for a 'finish line sensor' which can be used together with the laptimer-function. Maybe that's this one :)
  5. Feck me - you are a rare beast to read the manual!
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  6. Google 749/999 GPS lap timer
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  7. @Cream_Revenge heh, the servicemanual even!

    @chrisw ahh, yup, that appears to fit. Neat function, thanks!
  8. If you have a screen protector could be interesting to know who sells it. I take care about mine, but after so many years is impossible not to have at least little swirls... If not, maybe is possible to use a tablet/camera one and cut it.
  9. @Factoni cutting one from a generic phone-screenprotector is what I thought as well, but I want to be sure the current toplayer is actually removable first :p Does you display has the same edge visible like mine has (top left corner in the photo)?
  10. No, mine has no screen protector and doesn’t look like yours. Try to feel any edge. The screen is completeley smooth so, if you feel anything, it should be a screen protector. Try them to peel it softly.
  11. Venture shield works well - I bought a roll through Ebay. Cut to size and slip it on
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  12. the screens are prone to cracking, so it may be early crazing
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  13. Rev counter screens too
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  14. I see I got a disagree. The point being that with a crack appearing in my dash, I needed to keep rain / moisture out. Short of replacing the plexi glass (not a cheap solution), some kind of covering is required. My solution works well for me
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  16. On the clock, it does with the bubbles showing, suggest a tired screen protector. On my last one I simply chose a 99p galaxy note screen protector because of it's size then cut it to fit.
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  17. It happened to mine, and I had mine rebuilt with a carcass that was fine
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  18. Got it now, thanks!
  19. Sometimes the spanner indicates it's due a service... Some people service themselves and don't have the tool to turn off, check your service history or contact last owner if poss to ask for service detail, if it's 10k miles higher it may need the desmo service if it's been ramped about.
    If it's a good example... get it serviced next year... ride until the wheels fall off!.. or the belts and pullies!