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Diavel Crash Bungs For The Frame

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by CM4ppy, Dec 23, 2020.

  1. Guys,

    Diavel 1260s

    looking at getting some crash bungs in the new year, looking at the evotech but I am struggling to get the correct torque for the engine bolts. For those that have fitted, what did you set to and what other options are there. Some I have seen don’t look like they come out far enough to offer much benefit. I don’t like the way ducabike fit as they appear to use a sliding bolt to lock the bung in place.

    thanks for any advice and guidance, Chris
  2. Hey CM4ppy,

    I just put some SpeedyMoto frame sliders on a 2016 Diavel. I've had good luck with them on a couple other Ducati. They seem well made and install pretty easy. These came with no instructions so it took me a bit to figure out which one went on which side. After getting it wrong the first time, I swapped them. They seem to blend in pretty well, but still extend far enough out to protect the key engine parts.

    IMG-3255h.JPG IMG-3257h.JPG

    Will help to have bar end sliders and maybe front axle sliders. The rear axle sliders only protect the left side - the right side is well within the width of the wheel.


    Tom C.
  3. R&G make a set and they look pretty good
  4. Have used r&g in the past but not a fan of the shape, I have used evotech on the last few bike s and they match the fork and rear wheel bungs. Only bit I can’t find an answer to is the bolt torque. So advise 60 nm others 90. Was hoping someone had fitted and could advise. Waiting for the dealers to open again to ask
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  5. Hi, quick question on this. Do they protect the tank and air intakes if the bike is dropped. I have been searching for a set after watching a pal of mine drop his H2 on our last spin and they saved the bodywork so I am very motivated to get some fitted to my Diavel gen 1 Carbon. I saw some online from a US maker called T-Rex racing frame sliders but have not seen in UK or Ireland anywhere? Cheers John
  6. In my experience, no. Over the time of ownership, (8 years), 3 low speed/stationary drops all requiring a new metalised tank side panel. The tank cover itself got damaged once by the handlebar hitting it, the other two times the handlebars remained straight/perpendicular to the road surface. Andy
  7. Thanks for your feedback - disappointing that there is no solution to this. They work fantastic on sports bikes. I guess I will just have to be careful and no drop it.
  8. I think the Speedy Motos will provide some protection for the engine, frame, and other parts by giving the bike a little prop up while it's sliding. I expect that the side air intakes and possibly the tank would take some damage, depending on the accident. My intent was mainly to reduce the amount of damage to engine components. I haven't tested them yet (and would prefer not to).


    Tom C.
  9. Hi Tom, thanks for the feedback I think I will get a set. Are they available in the UK? I can only find them on the US site?
  10. I’ve always been cautious of frame bungs if honest. If they dig in, which they sometimes have a habit of doing... your frame is toast
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