848 Crash Damaged Project.

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  1. A customer booked his bike in with us for a complete respray a few weeks ago. It was a category d insurance right off that he picked up for an absolute bargain. All new bodywork was purchased though unfortunately was terrible quality and I spent hrs trying to make it fit. We've gone for Audi Nardo grey which is what seems to be the in colour to have your R8 these days. Coupled with a matte lacquered belly pan it should look clean and classy.





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  2. I like that...:Artist:
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  3. That may look very nice with red frame :)
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  4. That's going to look sweet, looking forward to pics when it's finished!!
  5. I'm liking that too, will look lovely with the red frame.

    Would be good to see some photo's of them back on the bike when your done ;)
  6. HMS Ducati :upyeah:
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  7. Yup, that works. As stated, goes nicely with red frame.
  8. The Ducati wording on the tank is a sticker on top of the grey and then clear lacquer over the whole thing?
  9. Would love to do that myself, looks great.
  10. Yes. I can't stand graphics peeling back
  11. When's the colour coat going on?
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  12. Its definelty a marmite love it/hate it kinda colour
  13. So - if you have a Cat D bike that's been completely restored and is as good as it was originally, is it possible to have an assessment undertaken that allows you to remove the Cat D status?

    If it isn't, then as a buyer I suppose you just have to decide for yourself whether the machine is acceptable to you. I'd certainly probably prefer to have a bike like this than a neglected one without the Cat D.

    And so to value: This bike would be worth less than a bike without the Cat D in the same condition - but how much less?
  14. That'll be a great looking bike I'm sure and what a great project too. Well done all round.:)
  15. It's coming together!

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  16. Luvly job, Audi Nardo sounds so much better than Ducati's very own Liquid Concrete Grey :p
  17. is that your hair color also? :) I'm not liking these smileys at all...
  18. At least I've got some :skull:
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  19. about 25% IMO
  20. I like it for being different but if that was mine i'd colour code the rear subframe, wheels and probably front suspenion legs to red aswell...
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