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  1. In case you didn't know England are tearing strips into Australia and look set to secure their first final since 92.

    It's brilliant stuff (despite Bairstow just being called for lbw)
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  2. I got lbw at school, no shin pads - stupid game :mad::D
  3. shin pads?!
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  4. Bugger. Roy out and lost the review thanks to Bairstow wasting it.
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  5. Dunno what's more boring to watch. Golf or cricket!
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  6. All England has to do now is just stay awake at the crease.
  7. Snooker, definately snooker, unless horse racing, cricket or golf is on. In that case all of them
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  8. That's the only part of playing the game that keeps you awake.
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  9. Nah.

    Old bike restorations are the worst. Why not simply buy something modern, and fit for purpose?
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  10. With all the recalls that I read about, such a bike doesn't exist.
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  11. Have the Australians remembered to put their shoes and socks back on?
  12. They are too busy barbecuing seagulls to remember socks.
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  13. 46 to win off 144 balls
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  14. Is that good?
  15. i have never quite understood the scoring in cricket, what does it mean when they say, england lost by 6 runs?..

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  16. that the other team had 6 more runs
  17. Didn't even break a sweat.

    I guess it'll be bants between Roy and Bairstow, at least for a while.
  18. ah, cool. so that means england lost by 6 runs?
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  19. exactly that