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Cross Brace ?

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by dave slowley, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. somebody is selling a after-market crossbrace for the 900 ss etc , to quote the ad 'to prevent frame cracking the models are infamous for ' anyone like to expand on this cause this is new to me ?
  2. There's a picture of one with a cracked frame in the "Recommissioning a Superlight" in this Supersport section.
    Someone with technical skills will be along soon to post a direct link to it.
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  3. Where the frame rails under the tank meet the steering head tube, there is a plate which carries the clip to lock the tank in place. The rail tubes are prone to cracking at the ends of that plate. It happened to
    The brace is designed to reduce any flexing in the tubes to eliminate the cracking.
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  4. thank you .
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  5. I have one of Steves 15912060139938819101182575965653.jpg
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  6. Thanks for the pics .would you say these are necessary.
  7. Date, The early frames have a reputation of cracking near the headstock. I personally have handled a few of these bikes and not seen a cracked one yet. The previous owner of my bike liked wheelies and knackered the head bearings and clutch. I found the frame to be intact, however decided to reinforce it, as a precaution.
  8. I did quite enjoy doing stoppies on mine, enough to bend the bottom mounting bolt for the rear shock once.
    I discovered the crack in my frame a day or two after a progressive ride home from Donington.
    I've been kinder to it in the last 20 years since the replacement.
  9. I got one to fit to mine but it lands right on top of the two frame identification plates and their pop rivets so it hasn't been fitted yet, any one else had the same issues.?
  10. Not the same, but similar - the upper rear corners of the clamping screw bosses caught on the front edge of the tank. Moved tank back as far as possible (even elongated slots in the hinge base plate), but could never get clearance.
    Also, despite having tried 3 braces, was never impressed with the fit between clamp and frame tube - angle was never quite right.
    Brace now lying in a corner somewhere.
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  11. Yes, see my pic above. I put some clear plastic in-between, which probably takes a little away from the strength, but stops the plate getting worn. Its not been a problem till last MOT where the guy pointed it out but passed me anyway
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  12. Mine was a 96 and it cracked.
    I was lucky as I got what was probably the last free replacement frame that Ducati issued. I had to fit it myself though.
    The forks are incredibly harsh on the SS and my pet theory is that they are so firm that the frame is constantly flexing as a result. I therefore put lighter fork oil in after replacing the frame, which made for a much more pleasant ride quality, so I recommend doing this.
    Standard is 7.5, I mixed 2.5 and 5.0, which gave a much plusher ride, verging on soft.
    If you want firm but not harsh, go for 5.0.
    Btw, both frames looked absolutely identical to me.
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