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998 Cylinder Stud O Ring

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by mary hinge horse burger, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. Buggered if I can find a part number for the o rings that fit under the barrels, 4 per barrel. Anyone know? I’m doing gaskets on both cylinders so need to order 8.
    B2B981B2-23D5-435A-A539-7EE47E9A0F56.jpeg 898A579B-645A-4DEE-80BA-1D4C5AD9E05D.jpeg
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  3. I have a feeling it might be the nuisance value bit, if ordered seperately it's hardly worth a dealer charging for them but same effort to process as anything else. Last time I ordered similar for quick release fuel lines in shop the friendly chap came back with a pack of 5 (needed 2 as usual) and gave me the rest.
  4. I’ve got a load of o rings to order, side covers coming off the barrels for powdercoat, so dealer should be ok. We just couldn’t find them on the parts diagram in the shop.
  5. Craig at Moto Rapido Winchester is the man to speak to for Ducati bits
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  6. Part number is 88641181A. Pretty sure they’re the same as the fuel connector o-rings
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  7. Got mine from Pete at GT Plymouth no problem.
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  8. Thanks nelly mucho appreciado
  9. just to confirm, they are the same as the quick-release connector "O" rings used on many bikes around that time.
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  10. Excellent my local dealer gave me two of those free last visit, 8 more might be pushing my luck though

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