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1200 S Dash Display Fails "---------"

Discussion in 'Monster' started by LCjohnny, May 18, 2020.

  1. Hi all
    just went out for my first post covid ride and had a weird dash display problem.#
    The bike is 2015 1200s with almost 13,000 miles
    At a set of lights i brushed some dust off the screen and it went blank then went through the turn-on routine with the Ducati logo and flashing lights - then came back on. The engine kept running the whole time. Afterwards the clock was at 00:00 and all of the trip meters and timers were empty.
    It has worked fine since then and i cannot make it happen again!

    Has any one else experienced this?

    Was there a big emp near Cheltenham today or were my electronics made by Ducati??
  2. Sounds like a temporary interruption to the supply to the clocks. Maybe a loose connector or a poor earth somewhere.
  3. Yep that was my first thought :( So now that we can ride again I need to remove the clocks and light and look for loose wires
    - at least the engine ecu is not in that pack (I assume not as the engine was still running) and if all else fails it only costs £729 - which is relatively cheap
  4. Make sure you also check the grounds. I was dealing with a guy in Aberdeen last week whose dash seemed to have packed up. It turned out to be a poor earth connect where the loom grounds to the engine.
  5. Hi Derek - which ground point are you referring to? there are usually several on modern vehicles :0

    Also having reconnected the dash - no total mileage - Do you know if can correct that or is it a workshop job
  6. The bike in Aberdeen was an 1100 Hyper so different wiring loom.
    If there is no total mileage it would seem that the memory has been corrupted so it looks like a main dealer job. I believe the mileage information is also stored in the ECU and the BBS so when a new dash is fitted the mileage can be restored. But I don't know if it can be restored to the existing unit.
  7. I have just finished re-assembly. Sadly I could not find any of the tell-tales of an intermittent fault - the loom and the multipin connector to the dash show no signs of damage or corrosion. On re-connection every thing (except the odometer) works with no error messages. The distance to next service is shown as you turn it on so one of the other ecus is recording distance - but not telling the dash :). I need to talk to a dealer then.

    Good news for other owners of 2015 testratetta bikes - The loom-run is one of the best designed that i have seen with very little movement as the bars go lock to lock. The bottom of the dash and the multipin connector show no signs of damp - surprising as i ride in all weathers and the only protection is the sport screen. It all comes apart and goes back together smoothly although there is very little space to reconnect the air temp sensor and if you have a screen there is even less to re-install the dash mounting screws.

    Dissambly order is
    1) screen off
    2) unfold the black plastic cover under the dash to allow an allen key to the two hidden dash mounting screws 1/6 of a turn until loose then you can get a ball-end driver on them
    3) lifting the dash gently turn bars right or left slightly to increase the cable slack to maximum and undo the plug.
    assembly is the reverse of ......
  8. Update
    Louigi Moto (Clutton just south of Bristol) connected it up cleared errors and reset the odometer -top guys. It seems to have been a disagreement between the odometer and one of the ECUs about the total mileage.

    By the way disconnecting the battery and rebooting did not cure it
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  9. Thanks for the update. Glad to here it was a simple fix.
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