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Featured David Jefferies Gsxr

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by cookster, Jan 23, 2021.

  1. One for the TT fans among us, this is David jefferies gsxr k3 from 2003. The last bike the big man rode before setting off on the super bike practise and was tragically killed. This bike was in the production class and set the fastest lap time of 122.57 mph. I was lucky to get it before Suzuki nabbed it for there museum! Every thing is stamped with tas and dj and I have all the paperwork from tas racing and the TT, bikes were supposed to be relatively stock but think most were tuned, this bike was raced in the nw200 as well but have yet to find any results.

    Im honoured to be able to own such a magical bike with so much history and providence.
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  2. Bloody lovely.
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  3. That’s a keeper
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  4. most definatly
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  5. That was some find!! WOW:eek:

    Fantastic.... :upyeah:
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  6. im still amazed ive actually got it mate to be honest. It needs a few bits sorting but its all there
  7. Yeah I’d be pinching myself too.... Massive fan! DJ and Hissy Hislop back in the day.... You just need a V&M one now:astonished:.... What’s the plan ? It needs to be used surly?

  8. Wow !
    This is awesome mate. I’d love to see this machine up close if you’ll have me one day x

    Got anymore info on the bike? Is it a stocker ? Do you get out on it?
  9. Big DJ the boss for sometime on the island:upyeah: and i never expected that to happen for such a well seasoned rider / winner.:(
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  10. needs a service, tyres, fork seals and a bloody good clean them in going to take it to all the shows like i do the toseland bike usually ride on 'parades' last time it was at mallory Neil hodgson was riding it doing 120mph wheelies.

    i was talking to john renolds at presscot hill climb few years ago and he rode it and got all emotional about it as he was davids team mate back in the day.

    so yes its going to get well used, hoping to get it at brackley bike festivel to, ive heard a rumour that goodwood want it too.

    @Advikaz your welcome to come have a look and a coffee mate
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  11. Well done sir.
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  12. @Advikaz

    the bike is a production class bike (superstock equivalant) its running techno flex rear shock and fork internals, blue printed engine, pro mach rear sets and akro end can, so not that techy really.

    i only picked it up thursday.
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  13. Result mate!
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  14. Amazing mate. Congratulations on a priceless purchase
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  15. I didn’t know you had toselands bike as well?!?

    you’re so cool. Do you need a husband/man candy ?
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  16. Here's the paper work
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  17. IMG-20190612-WA0002.jpg
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  18. ive been very luck to be in the right place at the right time.

    though i have been thinking of selling the JT bike, thats a lovely little bike
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  19. Wonderful, always a big fan of DJ. met him a few times when the company the Mrs worked for had hospitality at a few BSB rounds. A real pinch yourself moment when the big man asked if it was alright if he sat and had his lunch at our table. Fond memories.
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