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Daytona 765 Moto2 Road Reveal

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Bondy7070, Jul 24, 2019.

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  1. 10-12k surely. Got to be 600 territory price.
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  2. It will be £16-18k like the TFT thruxton, the idea will be that they will have more demand than bikes.

    It doesn't matter whether you can buy an R1 for £16K... before loads of people say it, Triumph don't care, the whole point of the TFT line bikes is that they are trying to drive intrigue and exclusivity as they have become very mainstream.

    I personally along with my 2 mates who ride, couldn't give a damn about the fact I can get 40hp more for the same money because there's more too it for us, that said, Triumph have ruined this, the union jack graphics are a total turn off and I hate that Triumph feel the need to ram that down people's throats, and on top of that 'Moto 2 branding' Oh give me a break...

    For me I'll be looking at a new Panigale 959
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  3. Which would be mental. And unsellable unless the pop deals were off the scale good
  4. As its limited they'll use it as an excuse for a ridiculous price.
    I thought they'd release a non limited one tbh, they've had massive interest.
  5. If Ducati can sell v4 foggys, triumph will also sell to the gullible
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  6. Different though, these are the first opportunity to get a actual built 765 Daytona on the road (minus buying a street and putting fairings on).

    V4 wise if your in possession of the family brain cell you just buy a V4 or an S and get that model experience.
  7. How do you mean, standard? Basic Street model? 12k all in I think.
    What baffles me in the track game right though also, is stuff like this.
    As in this bike was a Street 765 bought brand new, then completely built to moto 2 spec, ridden once at Porta.... Now there selling it. See shit like this all the time, the mind boggles. Less sense than money.
  8. If they are 12k, assuming they paid full price, I bet they are trying to sell at a profit. Do one, see if it works, produce others and make some cash.
  9. Maybe it will be like then TFC rocket.

    Limited edition first, then a cheaper production run version(s).

    The 600 market does appear to have been getting a new lease of life (post euro 4). And I believe a lot of this is to do with the cheaper price.
  10. I agree with the first part, it's exactly what Triumph want to do, they don't care if it's more money than an R1/GSXR, because people who want one will want one!

    On the 600 thing, I think it's a bit of a false dawn if I'm honest. The R6 is stunning, I absolutely love it and test rode it and thought it was mega. However the dealer near me who I know well had one for 8 months and couldn't shift it, so he sold it off to another dealer and doesn't even carry one in stock now. The ZX6R seems to have sold a few units judging by local social media but I mean a few, maybe 2-3... If you go through my local dealers facebook feed they post pictures of people picking up their new bikes and they are all MT07/09/Z900/CB650R etc, very few sportsbikes.

    I hate to say it but maybe the best market for sportsbikes is A2, ie. developing the RC390 and R3 into something with top drawer cycle parts and getting youngsters hooked on sports bikes at that critical age instead of them having a decade of riding upright bikes by the time they could even insure a sportsbike
    Following overwhelmingly positive customer demand, Triumph Motorcycles confirm the introduction of the ultimate edition of the legendary, multiple Supersport Championship-winning Daytona, which will be officially revealed at a special press event at the GoPro British Grand Prix at Silverstone on Friday 23rd August 2019.

    This new limited edition Daytona delivers the closest you can get to a genuine Moto2TM factory ride for the road.


    With a limited run of only 765 being built of each model (Europe/Asia & US/Canada), each one individually numbered, Triumph are anticipating strong demand for this truly unique motorcycle.


    Youles Motorcycles are now taking orders for this limited edition bike. Please contact our sales teams at both Blackburn and Manchester to find out details on how to reserve your Daytona.

    • New Daytona Moto2TM 765 Limited Edition
    • Highest ever power and torque from its new Moto2TM-derived 765cc triple engine
    • Highest ever specification and rider technology
    • Precision-perfect, championship-winning chassis
    • First ever official Moto2TM Dorna Sports.SL licenced motorcycle
    • Limited run of individually numbered motorcycles, with only 765 for Europe
    and Asia, and 765 for the US and Canada.

    The new Daytona Moto2TM 765 Limited Edition will represent both the highest specification of the British racing legend, and a unique partnership with the FIM MotoGPTM World Championship.

    Triumph will launch two versions of the eagerly-anticipated new Daytona on 23rd August, one for Europe and Asia, and one for the US and Canada. Both will feature a new Moto2TM derived 765cc triple engine inside a championship-winning sports-focused chassis, delivering the highest power and torque ever from a production 765cc, plus the highest specification of equipment ever, and a limited edition race paint scheme.

    Reflecting Triumph’s position as the exclusive engine supplier to the Moto2TM class of the FIM MotoGPTM World Championship, and sharing some of the key developments from the race engine programme, both models will be revealed at a special press event on Friday 23rd August at Silverstone, where full specifications and details will be revealed. Both bikes will also be showcased in a spectacular parade lap over the race weekend, ridden by two former motorcycle world champions.
  12. A french dealer is quoting 18 to 20k Euro so will be north of 17k sterling I reckon:scream:
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  13. Triumph obviously been reading ducati and Norton press releases as practice : unamused:

    What utter tosh. Engine is different. Chassis different. Wheels different. Everything is different.

    On the basis it is now, you could say the same about a cbr600rr :poop:
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  14. £1000 deposit secure a bike and if you change your mind once the price and spec are released your expected to sell your place in the queue to get your deposit back.

    Genius sales tactic by Triumph, get deposits to gauge demand before you make the final price up.

    I imagine Triumph are tracking the forums to see how much people are prepared to pay also.
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  15. My local dealer says £16k.
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  16. I think Triumph are going to guess the price when they see how interest they have :eek:
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  17. Not for me thanks. I'll take my 16k and buy a second hand V4 or a tricked out R1 and hero it in inters.
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