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  1. I really hope these are as good as you say. Way more than I wanted to spend. No doubt that they IMG_20190112_180855.jpg IMG_20190112_175529.jpg will be a massive improvement from what I have been using. I added the bottle :upyeah:
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  2. Quality gear.
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  3. I would love a pair of these from what I’ve heard. However, they do look a bit special needs.
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  4. Most comfortable boots off the shelf money can buy IMO. I also have their 2 boot race boots. Andy
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  5. Had some of these for about 10 years. They’ve been brilliant from day one.

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  6. I will give these a go first. Wild money for a boot. I liked the dainese but I have bought enough of it. Tbh these weren't much more.
  7. Brill boots Daytona’s are, pricey but well worth it when the weather turns to sh1te!

    Sometimes the thickness of the sole can give you a problem reaching the gear lever on the bike, I used mine all the time on a KTM 990 SMT I used to have because the footpeg / gear lever spacing was wide enough to fit the boot in comfortably, but I just can’t use them on the Panigale as the gear lever spacing is a lot more compact, and it’s not just a matter of moving the lever up a touch, it’s more to do with the reach from footpeg to gear lever.
    Shame as I love them as a boot, my go to touring option.
    Something to consider if anyone’s thinking about buying a pair.
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  8. Good points, bought these for my commute on a truimph shitty up bike, plenty of space for a boot. Wouldn't imagine they would be suitable for the panigale.
    Need to run the pegs now rather than my toes :joy:
  9. I’m wearing my Roadstars on the Panigale V4. My feet are a bit big for easy rear brake operation but gear change is fine. Andy
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  10. I'd definitely have a pair if I were road riding but I seem to go through boots a lot on track. I grind the toe sections away on my right foot mainly, but also my left- I know, I know, it's a shit riding style. I keep trying to correct it but just keep flipping back to my wanky foot position.
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  11. They certainly look quality. And if something looks right, it usually is...
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  12. I’ve had mine 8 years - Velcro needs mending but you can send away fir repair

    They’re great boots and the choice of those who aren’t down with the power ranger look and prefer practicality
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  13. Had a look online, they do a race boot that cost £1200. :astonished:
  14. Yep. I picked mine up in an Infinity sale and being on the “big foot” side of big feet, got an absolute bargain at less than half price. Andy
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  15. Good choice, had mine for years and still going strong.
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  16. Another thumbs up here. Bought mine quite a few years back and they're great. Rode through Wales and across Ireland some years ago in heavy rain and they were 100% waterproof.:upyeah::)
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