Dec 12th Election Poll...

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by Exige, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Conservative

  2. Labour

  3. Brexit Party

  4. Libral Dems

  5. SNP

  6. A N Other smaller party :-)

  1. You look younger than I’d imagined.

    and angrier. :)
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  3. still a pup me with teenage angst
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  4. possibly not letting her in on the debates as the others will just have a field day calling her out then.

    I have never watched any of these debates, perhaps I will in the hope that they don’t just slag each other off.
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  5. It really varies. I've seen some which had great back and forth between the politicos, and others where is simply kindergarten noise.

    Also I find it a bit irritating when the Greens/ Plaid/ Libs/ SDP / DUP / BXP etc come on and say they will build loads of houses, balance the books, change the schools, support the NHS. They are never going to get in or do anything . The Beeb may as well ask me for a pre MotoGP interview about how I plan to beat Marquez.
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  6. Do you think it should be restricted to the two main parties then, in theory any party has a chance to be the majority - so shouldn’t they all get an equal chance ?
  7. Would be great to see a real debate on tv. Ask some real questions about Cummings time in Russia, Boris and his Russian friends. Remarkable that BJ and pals call Corbyn a communist, yet the Tories have the most worrying links and are suppressing information about those links.
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  8. I think the country should be shown something on the BBC from all parties. The subsequent TV debates should remain in the hands of the TV companies imo. When Lucas / Swinson / Farage / Foster etc are popular enough, they will get airtime. Farage has proved this.

    However I don't want a lot of ridiculous posturing getting in the way of Blojob and Corbs scoring points off each other as this is a relevant conversation. Listening to Lucas make economic claims when the Greens can't ever get two MPs elected is nonsense.
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  9. I know what you mean, but without looking hard most of the media coverage is negative.
    Would be nice to (also perhaps ?) hear what they are going to do and how, without it being a slagging match.
  10. sturgion or blackford should be up against them if lab and con are putting up candidates up here.
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  11. I agree, but is it supporting a ‘two party’ system. Maybe Conservatives and Labour losing heavily would ‘shake things up a bit’ ?
  12. Sophie is that you that keeps changing your voting on this poll ?
  13. I haven’t voted at all yet.

    still undecided
  14. So is somebody else, come on own up, i done it once earlier on and got away with it.
  15. I haven’t looked at the results, can’t you see who voted what ?
  16. With the drama of a Nordic teenage climate change protester!
  17. TV content has to be relevant to the viewing public or its not watched even if it is "important".

    I watched the interview with Sturgeon today. It was relevant as what she will do if her party is relected in big numbers will make a difference. Plaid/ Libs / BXP / Greens will not get more than 5 MPs each at the outside. Whatever they say is not relevant to me. Next time around if they have thirty MPs, I will be interested in what they have to say as it could actually mean something.
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  18. I am a little surprised the media (especially SKY, as they are calling it the Brexit election) are not giving more time to Lib Dem’s and Brexit party, as at this time they are choices for extreme remainers and leavers perhaps.
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  19. no but you can change your vote.... like you do if you change your mind.
  20. Sky are in the viewer figures = advertising revenue game. Swinson & Farage etc are fun on a panel which they can disrupt and cause entertaining gaffes. Otherwise they are droning on about policies which have zero chance and most everyone switches channel. Viewer figures fall, taking advertising revenue with it.
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