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Demo Rides

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by WeeDavey, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. Bit presumtious as a newbie to this forum but am in the fortunate position of being retired with nice pension so have demo’d a number of bikes. Maybe interesting to observe bikes really impressed on demo and those which didn’t.
    My top .. Hayabusa , brilliant bike, bought straight after demo, owned for 3 years only sold due to it being a heavy old beast. Toured all over Europe on it. Hit the starter button and the whole area starts to rumble.
    Bottom 1000 Vstrom Only bought it ‘cos it was cheap including lots of extras.
  2. Welcome to the madhouse that is...Please also tell us all the bikes in between too
  3. I passed my bike test in 1960 (Triumph Tiger Cub) so that would be a long post, from Vincents , Gold Stars, Bonnevilles, Street Triples, CBR600RR,S. Fireblades, R1’s , Hayabusa,s, KTM Adventure’s and some Ducatis and quite a few others .
    If you really want what I thought was my best over the years...
    DBD34 Gold Star
    Big Gap .. House , married childred , Austin Maxi, few crap bikes.
    CBR600rr , Brilliant bike , made you feel like Rossi.
    Hayabusa Everyone should try one.
    ..and maybe a surprise the Yam MT07 which I still own, great fun bike.
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