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Diavel 1260 Exhaust Advise

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by CM4ppy, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Guys

    I had planned on getting a termi fitted this week, but others have recommended the QD or Shark, I like the look of the QD and trying to find out if a remap is required or not.

    In the past I have always remapped using manufacturers tune and aftermarket exhaust.

    looking for advice

    thanks again
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  2. Both those systems are euro 4 so no remap required.. think they both have cat's in the tailpipe.
  3. The QD site offers a mapping on request, I have been looking and it looks like they have developed their own upmap unlocking the race map and coping the standard map back to the device

    trying to find out from QD will running with map affect the engine. Every system I have fitted in the past has always come with a new tune or map
  4. That would be good to find out, I think it would be if you ran the exhaust without the baffles.
    I do euro trips and not sure i would run without the baffles!!!
  5. Response back from QD

    No mapping is needed if you use the system with baffles, you can even remove the kats and leave the baffles in (suggested setup).
    The mapping module is an external device that you have to connect to the OBD plug, it reads the stock map and reflash the ECU with a performance map. You can do it by yourself it is very easy to do watch this clip, it is on a Multistrada but it works in the same way.

    hope this helps others.
  6. Is that included in the price?

    Just noticed Arrow now make one..

    Pro race looks nice but race only
    euro 4 one looks a bit naff!!!!
  7. Think the map is an additional 700 euro, but asked for a uk price. You’re right about the arrow, don’t think the diavel suits a single long exhaust, I have asked Ducati if they plan to make a euro 4 exhaust for 2021 for the new xdiavel, but they wouldn’t confirm.
  8. Have you gone for the QD?
  9. I will be in the new year, was only getting the termi as my bike was in for a service and a few other jobs, was getting a deal on labour. I am planning on fitting the QD myself
  10. Same here, though not decided yet on QD or Shark.
  11. Got the termi fitted today, you don’t get an upmap key any more and the dealer has the original map stored against their dealership, they can put back if the exhaust is ever removed. Looks amazing and sounds fantastic.
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  12. Exhaust fitted, just need some dry weather so I can get out and enjoy it. I didn’t intended to get the termi, but wasn’t happy the the dealer couldn’t send back as it’s a performance part, but so glad I did. It sounds amazing

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  13. Well finally ordered my exhaust, went for the Shark in the end as it comes road legal with the baffles.

    (be better for euro trips. if i get to do any this year!)

    Managed to get it for 1400 which is good because on ebay they are 1700!!
  14. Nice, they are a good looking exhaust. Post a picture when fitted.
  15. What are your guys thoughts/reviews/opinions of the 1260s
    I pick one up either this month or next. Having the Termi fitted next week.
    Gone from a 939SP Hyper to the Diavel
  16. Well its going to be a lot lower and heavier:p. I came from RSV4 tuono but needed to change as tuono just made me ride round at warp speed!!!!!! traded it for the Diavel in lockdown.
    I've added touring seat which sorts the height out as I'm 6ft. I hope you get on with it, 1am really liking mine.
    Very much looking forward to spring and getting some more miles on her..........
  17. I hope so too. I've always looked at the Tuono's, a few things put me off. The weight of the Diavel has always been on my mind but hey ho, gotta scratch the itch. I'll have a look at seats. I'm 5'11, felt quite comfy in the showroom
  18. I traded a speed triple (2018) for the diavel, but have had v4 tuono, gsr1000, v2 tuono, tiger sport, z800 and z1000 over the last few years, was lucky enough to have a friend at the time with a dealers. Out of all of them the diavel is the one I prefer the most, each of the others had pros and cons and so does the diavel, but I love the looks and the ride. With the new map and termi it’s such a different bike. In sport mode it’s such a quick bike giving others a shock. It’s a great bike to ride and always a massive smile when riding. You don’t notice the weight as it’s low down and handlings is more naked sports that cruiser.

    you will enjoy, I was thinking of trading for the lambo model but wife would kill me
  19. That’s a reassuring read. Termi’s being fitted next week. :)
  20. If you have the baffles out expect your ears to bleed if you’re not wearing ear plugs :)
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