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Diavel After Market Exhaust Wanted

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by shane, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Hi all

    I've just purchased my first Ducati a 2013 diavel & I'm looking to replace standard can with a nice sounding aftermarket can, after busting all my savings to purchase my dream bike I am looking for a nice second hand can I'm based in Wiltshire/Gloucester but can arrange collection from most areas for the right can

  2. Hi there. My boss at work has got a zard exhaust he has just took his diavel because he has just chopped it in against a diavelx. It looked and sounded great. I know it cost him around £700 and was only on the bike for less than a year. Will ask him what he wants for it and get back to you
  3. Ok great thanks for that!!
  4. Shane

    see attached photo of exhaust and still in original box, immaculate - these photo are just before i put originals back on
    they sound like duc should sound and they make massive improvement from 2 thousand up in rev range

    let me know as Im going to put them up for sale

    thanks largey
    20151220_143445.jpg 20160315_064401.jpg
  5. Hi largey

    Thanks for pics nice exhausts what sort of money are you looking for? I have been offered another exhaust but at the right money I could be interested in yours

  6. Hi Shane

    im looking for £320 they cost 745 new

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