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Diavel Gallery

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Rob, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Post your pictures and videos here :cool::cool:
  2. Couldn't resist ;-)


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  3. Ha no one's brave enough
  4. is it me or does it look like one of those old mans scooter type bikes ? i followed one the other day and it just looks odd
  5. [​IMG]Bought this couple of weeks ago, good fun to ride and surprisingly quick.
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  6. Rob, could you let me know how I can pull an image from my gallery onto either a thread post or my profile?

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  7. Here's my contribution, The second pic is a subtle ring sticker from the trip in September.

    Diavel1a.jpg diavel ring1.jpg


    diavel ring1.jpg
  8. A bit quiet on the Diavel front so thought i would post a pic of mine.
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  9. What's not to like ?


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  10. Mine.

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  11. I love my Diavel!

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  12. This is a video of mine. Im sorry about the crap quality but had to do low res since my uploads here suck big time at less than half a meg at the moment.

  13. Here's mine as the saying goes

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  14. You still glad you changed, Dick?
  15. Oh yes...

    Almost got the rear shock dialled in.
    Luggage sorted for a few trips.
    Tank bag next then just ride ride ride funky moped

    Have to meet up for a coffee soon so I can drool over how clean your 899 is
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  16. Dick, any chance of a side on pic with that Zard can please :)
  17. Calm down lads! Vorsprung Durch Technik as they say.....

    Audi Edition Diavel compr.jpg
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  18. Like this!

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  19. That is nice :upyeah:
  20. Yeah thanks, that is nice...liking the way they've profiled it to show the wheel
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