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Diavel Neutral Problem

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Paulo61, May 27, 2018.

  1. Hi all,
    I took the Diavel out for a spin today and after half an hour I stopped for fuel, on returning to the bike and trying to start it wouldn't turn over, looking at the dash noticed it was showing 1st gear but it was in neutral,tried to get green light up flicking between 1st and 2nd but just kept skipping past,eventually got green light up hit the starter button to have the bike lunge forward off the side stand, just managed to recover and not drop the bike( I was standing by the side of the bike at the time) had to sit on the bike pull clutch in and restart to get home, on arrival back home had to play around to find a neutral but the dashboard was reading 1st.
    Any advice much appreciated.
  2. Update on neutral problem, spoke to JHP Coventry today and they said it is a faulty gear position sensor £90, has anyone fitted one themselves, is it just plug and play or dose it need to be calibrated at the main dealer.
    Thank you,
  3. Was also having the same issue with mine once when the weather was damp. I’d try cleaning the connectors 1st you might get lucky
  4. I had one of these fail, its the brass bolt headed plug on the back of the engine block with the cable coming off it. You will need an open socket, like an oxygen sensor type one, but I'm not sure if its plug and play or not as mine was done under warranty ?? I seem to recall it is just a case of replacing and no set up was necessary but a quick call to a dealer will confirm this. This picture is a Multi, but the plug is the same. :upyeah:


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  5. Thanks Wayne, I fitted the new one today (not a nice job) on the Diavel but the 1st and 2nd gear has become very clunky so I think I need to contact a main dealer to find out if this is a separate problem as the gearbox before this happened was always very smooth
  6. Thought I would bleed the clutch to eliminate it from the posible causes for the clunky gears and found the slave cylinder bleed nipple is letting air into the system so hopefully new nipple and a bleed should sort it,
    Thanks for your feedback
  7. If not, then an Oberon cylinder should :upyeah:
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  8. i know this is an older thread but i'm having similar issues and was wondering what the outcome was for everyone? if i wash my bike and rinse with a hose i know i'll have problems. it takes a long ride to generate heat and clear the issue. had the bike 3 years and only had this issue for the last 6 months. i've checked the sensor plug and bbs (black box) connector and found no moisture and as a precaution gently blown out with an airline. i don't know if moisture is getting into the sensor somehow. just spent £1500 on 23k desmo service at the dealer - due to exhaust nuts (head had to be removed to drill out studs). i can't afford to take it back into the dealer.
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