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996 Different Axle Pins?

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Messer, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Had an exchange axle pin but really struggle to get it in to the bearings on the left side. Tried tapping with a rubber mallet to persuade it, but it seems to not want to pass and has a metallic sound which to me says it doesn’t want to budge!

    it’s a 2000 996 but that shouldn’t make much difference? Are there different sized axles or anything like that?

    pic attached just cos I like pics :)

  2. Did you get the old one out without any bother? I think they are all the same BTW.

    EDIT - is that your manbag?
  3. All the same mate, I wonder if the re coating has made it too thick?
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  4. Zinc? No way. Tried turning it on the way in?
    Daft to ask but you have the two pinch bolts out don’t you. Sorry.
  5. Put it in the freezer overnight.
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  6. Has a spacer dropped down?
  7. Tested it from both sides and it gets stuck at the same place.
    No spacers have dropped

    here is is tried from both sides



  8. Buy a flap wheel and get it on the drill, polish the inside of the bearings.

    Will only need a very small bur and it won't fit.
  9. And the rear hub is right back for future ref
  10. And you're an MOT man?o_O
  11. No mate it’s getting stuck on a part that’s not coated.. it’s weird!
  12. Ps ignore that lump hammer that categorically was not used in the tapping of any axle pins :joy::laughing:
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  13. Thought that but there is nothing inside that I can see..
  14. Yeah and?
  15. Nice handbag.
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  16. That sounds like a great idea mate. I agree, wish I had thought of that.:p
    Why not try putting the spindle in the freezer overnight, the shrinkage may just give enough clearance.
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  17. Admittedly this might work but two things spring to mind.
    1. The spindle is supposed to be a sliding fit into the hub so freezing it to reduce its size is only skirting round the problem until next time it needs to come out, it doesn't actually solve the issue.
    2. Once the spindle is in, it will expand and possibly jam solid in the hub which may cause other problems.
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  18. No bearing should be that slack, a bush yes. A roller brg should always have an interference fit, even if minimal.
    Unless you are expecting it to be like a drawable wheel spindle, which this really isnt.
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  19. hard to tell for sure but does look as though someone has had the whole assy aftermarket plated* and maybe the splined section still has excess remaining. Does close inspection of end of spline reveal the chafing where it comes to a stop?

    *just as Ian (bettes) said originally.
    #19 Chris, Mar 27, 2020
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2020
  20. The plating has been finished off properly on this, but I did notice late last night a small burr on the splines which is where it’s picking up - I’ll get my needle file on it later and carefully remove them see if that sorts it
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