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Dirt Bike Recommendation

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by cookster, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. Hi everyone , I feel I need a dirt bike in my life. So many to choose from I like 4 stroke so am thinking either yam or Honda but not sure of 250 or 450.

    Any info would be great
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  2. For green laning or going banzai motoX?
  3. get a 2 stroke you nancy... how would you like a 1982 rm250? last of the drum brake first of the water cooled? goes like fuck but dont stop.... who needs to stop anyhu? thats what the dirt is for!
    seriously, get a 2stroke.
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  4. depends what you want to do . 300 4t is the sweetspot for me on the lanes and doesn’t 44D6FA3E-53FC-4E58-A06B-20C182A1EFE1.jpeg embarrass on the mx practise track.
    Mines a Sherco 300 SEF-R .
  5. Top tip, dont underestimate the battering off roading gives your body or over estimate your fitness and ability. If I were you I’d do a day on an organised trip on a hire bike. Try Stan at Rotor Adventures, he’s an ex Marine and Dakar racer.
    i know so many blokes who’s spent £1,000’s on bikes, kit Etc and very soon chuck it in. Old bodies Dont bounce so well and take longer to heal.
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  6. I did a day out over Salisbury plane a few years back. Would be good taster. Might come and join you.....
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  7. A lot depends on what you plan to do with it. Big mud? Steep madness hill climbs? Green lanes? Moto X?

    The one thing that will always be hugely important is the weight. The least weight, lowest to the ground will make all the difference when you pick it up off the deck or push it out of wherever you are stuck. Old style 2strokes are great in that regard.

    But I'm biased. I love the smell of castrol in the morning.
  8. Just looking at a bit of green laning really nothing to mental
  9. true dat.. i used to ride motox 3-4 days a week for 8 years ish . i was never real competitive as far as racing went but could keep up with my mates that raced pro/expert class on our tracks. i wouldnt dream of taking it up again. too painful and you need to be fit as fuck. bit of green lanes at best... common misconception is the dirt bikes are easier or safer than fast bikes.. no chance
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  10. The chances are almost any of the smaller bikes will be more than enough unless you are a massive bloke. My little Suzuki Ts185 goes anywhere. Super easy to maintain. Suzuki have been banging them out for 40 years.

    Its handy if you get a road legal one to save all the faff getting to the trails. Great for nipping about on too. Tsalmost.JPG

    Here it is without the stickers! 40 years old in Jan.
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  11. Maybe chiz is right 2 stroke could be the way forward
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  12. My last 3 bikes have been 2 strokes, so much easier to maintain than a 4 stroke (That probably wont be a problem for you though). If your thinking of going that way another thing to consider is a reliable electric start, again it sounds stupid but believe me, when your knackered and keep falling off and stalling having a push button start will be a god send.
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  13. Winter ride on my Husqvarna 2020 TE300i 2019

    I cant link this but if you copy and paste the above in youtube you’ll see our group rides. There’s loads more if you check out Steve On a Bike.
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  14. Aprilia RXV450
  15. I do like them mate
  16. The SXV's/RXV's are weapons. High maintenance but no worries for you I reckon.
    Honda 450's have a pretty good rep
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