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Diavel Diy Tail Tidy - 1260s

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Carbon749, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. First job on the 1260 was to relocate the number plate from stock position to the grab handle, but, this meant losing the indicators.

    I was fine with that short term, but knew I’d have to sort it eventually. So, started with some some 3mm stainless steel plate, 16mm dia. stainless steel tube, treaded insets in SS and a pair of Motogadget M Blaze Pin indicators.

    After some work in the garage, help from a mate who can TIG Stainless and a coat of satin black powder coat. Using the right connectors means I can plug straight into the stock wiring loom.

    The indicators are almost invisible when off, but more than bright enough when on.

    I’m really happy with the result.

    136F359A-9132-4319-B337-FA85D4AB6339.jpeg BD5F3BB0-F9DC-4222-9B14-727CCA97A826.jpeg 05BBBFBD-35EE-4A59-9F1E-C8FDBE473AC9.jpeg 75369F53-5BC2-4E53-8F1E-AB8861DCECE1.jpeg 1EDB508D-FCF9-48A4-8EC8-8908677458CD.jpeg 0E30BC24-2CC0-4F47-BC4C-26C416C7D98C.jpeg
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  2. Nice tidy job that:upyeah:.
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  3. Nice work. Would be great to see a few pics of the whole bike :)
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  4. 5AD6C751-5EFB-4EA0-8A2B-885E46C38D8B.jpeg
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  5. Started life as an ex demo black bike, now painted and tweaked a little

    F2D5AC1B-DF5D-42F2-8752-3589D886FC30.jpeg 6B906ACE-DCEE-4BE7-975D-DC7FEAF4CA5E.jpeg 7E522487-2D40-4A99-B84E-D561BBF58731.jpeg A31E74BF-E7ED-411A-95B7-DA306996AB77.jpeg 5823E464-3113-4238-967F-26CE018E73B4.jpeg 6A33C41E-09C3-42EA-A90F-3E242B2C0D56.jpeg C7AAF00A-18FF-4489-93F0-740ADF3089DE.jpeg 91A098F9-3AE2-4A7F-A19E-D8F0A02B8122.jpeg 101DF265-1A7E-4211-A005-18DFA92257AE.jpeg 70D577BA-0DFB-4B4F-AB65-F598D6E43D5B.jpeg
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  6. That looks great buddy, nice job. Like the Simpson Darksome too. I have the Gloss black version, really impressed with it.
    I fancy a ride on a 1260, heard they are an awesome piece of kit
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