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Donington 24th September

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by JoePeps, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. Anyone going?
    Thinking of booking but will be on my own as none of my mates can get time off work (or like me).
  2. Who’s it with??
  3. No Limits I’ll wager. Pretty good outfit tbf.
  4. No it's with Focused Events.
    Not done one with them this year but they run a decent day, normally a bit calmer than NL ones.
  5. I got that day as a freebie from a credit I needed to use this year, so I’ll be up there
  6. OK will say hello if I spot you.
    Think we've been on quite a few of the same days this year.
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  7. I’m not sure I agree with you on that one. I’ve had some horrendous days with FE. But I guess any TD company can have bad days with looney clients throwing their hardware at the scenery.
    I was at Donington on Tuesday with No Limits. The novice and inters group struggled to get a full session in with the amount of stoppages they had. But quick group was ace.
  8. Yeah it can only take a few idiots to ruin a day for everyone so sometimes a bit harsh on the organiser. I think the chrono days are quite good to keep everyone a bit more even across the groups.
    That said I haven't done one with them this year so you probably know better than me!
  9. Donington, in my experience, is a dickhead magnet.
    No limits days tend to be worse, but that track attracts all the bellends. I reckon it's something to do with there not being a noise test, and on the whole, The louder the exhaust, the shitter the riding (Although there's obviously exceptions)
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  10. Tuesday the track was closed for about 10minutes as they had run out of ambulances and were waiting on one to come back from the hospital. :poop:
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  11. You've obviously seen me there :eek:

    I think the main problem with UK track day companies is that they over book. Groups are too busy, the bigger the group the easier it's gonna get out of hand. Last time I was there (fast group) we didn't complete a morning session. The afternoon was better. I think all the bell ends had bust their bikes in the morning :p I remember one guy lost it big style down Craners on the out lap, ffs.
    I much prefer Euro gigs. Smaller groups, much more laid back and live timing screens- which is fun. But I don't use NL or FE as they tend to carry their bullshit with them.
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  12. Yeah they definitely like to get their moneys worth. I'd happily pay 10% more and have less riders knocking around. Although Donington does seem the worst for over crowding compared to Snett, Oulton and Cadwell from what I've seen. Problem for me is I'm 15 minutes away so it's an easy day compared to driving a few hours each way to somewhere else.

    I'm pretty new to it all but FE in Almeria was brilliant in March year and not sure how it could have been better really, but I have nothing to compare them to,
  13. I'm from Burton so it's my local track as well , but don't go very often, last time was July with msv, fast group was a nightmare , one session all day without a crash. I think part of the problem was they just let everyone out in one go, no stagger at all
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  14. Glad you enjoyed Almeria, it's a great track. Technical in places but great when you get the hang of it.
    By and large the staff with FE are great. It's just that thruster Kevin Healy that's the fly in the ointment. If you try Pacedays, Redline or Tracksense, you'll notice the difference :):upyeah: In a good way ;)
  15. Is that the bloke that owns it? Heard a lot of bad press about him but never met him so he's never upset me yet! Got Portimao with them in November and then might try one of the other companies to see how they compare for feb/march next year.

    Yeah Almeria was great, lovely place, nice calming drive to and from the track, great facilities and a great track! Only really got the hang of it on my last day so would love to go back and be able to push a bit harder at some point.

    Problem with euro days is there are so many it's a genuine headache trying to work out where to go, first world problems and all.
  16. No limits run a really good Euro, and with the amount they hold, they're the biggest player so don't get last minute circuit cancellations like some of the smaller organisers
    PaceDayz and Tracksense run a really good trip too
    FE's Kevin Healey is not the easiest guy to deal with, but the rest of his staff are really good, and they run a really good day in the UK
    No limits is perfect for me as the drop off in Swindon is 5mins from my house, and the girl that does bike check in at Hathways lives in my street and actually went to school with my wife, so I get a bit of flexibility with drop off/pick up, which is handy as I work a lot of weekends
  17. Yep, think he's the owner. Loves to play God. I dropped off me and my mates 1098S once and when we got to Cartegena he'd locked up my mates 1098S and told us in no uncertain terms that the 1098S was not going out on track until we'd sourced and fitted a front brake master cylinder. I tried explaining to the twat that one of the discs was warped and was pushing the pads back, (something I already knew about) and that I'd carried a spare ready to fit. He was having none of it. Luckily I got their mechanic onside and explained it all to him. I fitted the new disc in 5 minutes flat and all was fine and dandy. But we were on Healy's radar after that and he kept having subtle digs at my mate for the next 3 days. Sure, there was a mechanical issue that needed fixing, but his 'people skills' were shit. I felt like nutting him the way he spoke to us. But I didn't, obvs :D

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