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Dp Back Rest

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by BH1, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. Has anyone fitted the Ducati back rest with tail light, and managed to keep the under seat lights in use too??
    Don't really want to lose the original lights as they are part of the Diavel.
    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Sorry forgot to say it's a 1260...
  3. I asked this question and was told if just fitting the backrest and not the luggage you can, you just don't plug the backrest light in.
  4. But can you run the original underseat lights and the backrest light all together?
    Can that be done??
  5. Yes, but you have splice the wires or make a new mini loom.
  6. Great thanks.
  7. I've also been told it's a right bugger to fit
  8. This is what the loom looks like

  9. Thanks for that, could be helpful.
  10. Ordered mine today
  11. Be interested to know how you get on with it, let's us know what you think when it's on. Look forward to hearing, might make my mind up then.
  12. Finally got the back rest fitted!! it comes with no instruction so took a bit of thinking about....
    I haven't yet connected the wiring as i want to stick with the original lights (might have to be a project for later date).

    I like the look and it come in handy for holding the bike upright while putting the rear stand in, my Son has approved it too which was the whole point of getting it.
    IT also looks like it might stop some of the rain coming from the back wheel as it stick out more than the grab rail!!
  13. Sounds good, maybe il get it in the new year, like you I want to keep the original lights, so maybe try to find a way of having the original and back rest light all working together. Be interesting to see if you can work it out, keep us posted if you do.
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