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Featured 996 Drunk Bought A 996s..what Could Go Wrong !

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Slingy123, Oct 12, 2021.

  1. Well following on from my wanted advert for some 5 spoke Marchi’s to fit on my 748, I ended up drunk buying a 996s :D

    I had recently bought the 748, had a few teething issues with it but on the whole I absolutely love it. The main problem being it wasn’t the spec I wanted. I wanted an S with the Ti forks and 5 spoke Marchi’s, but when my particular bike came up I had to buy it. It’s covered in carbon head to toe and just the type of thing I’m into, so bought it. I was still hankering for the Marchi’s and Ti forks though so started keeping an eye out for them. I then wondered if I wouldn’t just be better off buying another bike and swapping between the two until I had the spec I wanted, and sell the mongrel on. I had a couple of bikes on my radar just to see what figures things were making but wasn’t really in the position to actually buy one given I had bought myself the 748 and the wife a CB500 in August.

    While out to dinner with friends and a good few sherbet’s already down the hatch, I get the infamous ‘item ending in 15min’ alert on my phone. Quick peep says it’s still making waaaay less than I expected. Que everyone asking what I had bought given everyone knows the eBay notification sound ! Quick explanation saying just watching to see where they finish up, and away goes the phone. 10 min later mate pipes up asking if it’s ended yet.. nope, 5 min to go and still a bloody good price in my opinion. Reiterate I wasn’t looking to buy and stuck phone away…. And that’s when the drink fuelled scheming started :thinkingface:

    start watching the count down in real time now and it ticks under a minute to go, friends ask what it’s at and then say I HAVE to buy it. Wife said ‘just fucking buy it already’ which was the nod I wasn’t going to refuse. Smashed in a bid with about 3 seconds to go while fumbling with my phone…. Then get the old ‘I’m thinking’ from the phone as screen goes blank and it freezes. :weary_face:

    a long 10 seconds or so later and off went the phone, please pay for your item ! Holy shit, just bought a bike I didn’t want, don’t have the space for and didn’t really have the disposable income for right now either.. oh well :grinning:

    So what did I buy you ask (pretend the title didn’t give it away shall we ) …. Well it’s a 2001 996S in red with 14k on the clock. It’s not immaculate, it’s definitely had a little lay down on one side, if not both, and has enough tyre gel on the tyres to ensure I never dare ride anything other than a dead straight line.

    mechanically it appears spot on, it has some paperwork showing valve service and some rockers replaced, all MOT’s with only 3 failures in 16 tests, two of which were for headlamp aims low. It wants the paint tidying up but all panels appear genuine and undamaged from behind, so whatever fall it did have doesn’t appear to have been anything significant. Usual flaking engine paint and cracked temp gauge were just par for the course

    Winter will be spent giving it a massive going over and sort any common issues and check all the usual suspects like alternator nut etc.

    There is an issue that doesn’t worry me, but will probably put off any purists looking for that factory OEM bike. It’s an import , which was imported at 4 years old and as such had an SVA test given they weren’t quite 10 years old then. Somehow it has no engine number at all, the spot on the crank case is blank. It’s all HPI clear and not written off or stolen. The logbook states N/K next to engine number which I gather is Not Known. However the last digits of the frame number have been stamped on all major components of the bike inc the engine. I have seen this done before with import stuff so that again doesn’t worry me. The bike was imported in 2004 with 2000 miles on the clock and all MOT’s check out. So unless it had an engine swap in the first 2000 miles, I have no reason to suspect foul play and believe the engine is correct and what the bike came with. As I say, I’ve seen it before with imports where they stamp VIn number in numerous places I guess to prevent ringing. Plus it goes like stink compared to the 748 !! 20F75E59-09E1-4A5C-80C6-D95CBA024E41.jpeg 18088F79-0897-40E6-90BF-895F5385C658.jpeg D32D37D3-FE7C-4485-A057-1AA6A3D08490.jpeg F6F2EC1C-D288-4B2E-8447-A5D0299DC064.jpeg 7585F4A9-D418-4794-A1E2-71BECF13ED5F.jpeg 86815F3E-1606-41FF-9EB3-109D52A30572.jpeg B06857C5-F3BD-4FAA-B57F-1D3FE0E9C182.jpeg B893CB57-2C82-40D5-88EF-832CC1F70FD0.png

    I paid £5700 for the bike with personally I feel was a bargain… I’ll let you decide :upyeah:
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  2. you can't really say no to a 996S at that price.
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  3. you can't get done for drunk buying yet so I shouldn't worry. :upyeah:
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  4. Bargain.
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  5. Epic on all fronts. Keep the updates coming. Next time i want to buy a bike ill call you
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  6. I sold my 996s back in 2017.. still regret it
    you should be good for 125Hp+ at the back wheel with a PC3 and mapping this will also help with the mid range fuelling 'issue' that they all suffer with due to the twin injector set up.
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  7. Great buy! So are you keeping both or stripping the carbon from the 748 and selling?
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  8. were you drunk when you sold it? :) it is a shame about the twin injector compromise on 996S . If engine and ancilliaries are all tip-top condition or specification "like new" then bike has the best chance of not being affected. Both my own bikes were ok when bought with around 5k miles but one developed when pushed hard at 3k and the other one is still ok (both 100% std).
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  9. Thanks everyone, I’m pretty happy with it !

    This is actually the million dollar question right now. Initial thoughts were throw carbon on the 996, keep original 996 panels and sell 748 remnants as a track toy with one of those £300 eBay fairing kits on it.

    However I have always said a 748/9** series Ducati should only be one colour, Red. So when I see the red 996 in the garage it just looks right. Wife is making mumblings about her having the 748 so may end up keeping both and sticking with the plan of swapping fairings and throwing some cheap panels on the 748 for her.

    who knows… didn’t really expect to add a 6th bike in the garage :no_mouth:
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  10. Top bargaining

    forget all your previous ideas give the wife the 748 wrap the 996 in yellow job done
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  11. I bought a 996SPS at auction recently from a hotel room in France after I might have "had a few". It checked out with Ducati as a real one. I find out this week how good the mechanicals are :scream:
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  12. My main annoyance for now is I can’t really ride the bike because the seller for some reason thought drowning the tyre sidewalls in gel would be a clever idea ! It’s seeped onto the main tread section of the tyres significantly and I places almost a 1/3rd of the tread has slippery gel on it. I even tried gunk degreaser yesterday just to improve them temporarily so I could have a couple of rides before stashing away but that didn’t touch it.

    I knew it wanted some fresh rubber on at some point, but looks like I’m forced into £300 of tyres before I even ride it properly. Seems such a stupid thing to do and effectively killed off the tyres :relieved:

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  13. I'd try a petrol-damp cloth on the goo. Not a flood, just a smear or so. Tyre should feel nice & tacky after...
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  14. Great story!
    Enjoy the extra pony's on a 2001 996S

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  15. Very nice, was that totally standard or after a map and some mods ?
  16. i got a good price for mine and then added 500 euros and picked up an 1199s with some 'minor' engine issues, so it didnt keep me up all night...
    most of the 996s wer blighted but the 3k -4.5k rpm stumble, maybe you are lucky in that respect, but a simple PC3 map will smooth it all out nicely :)
  17. 2013..! jeez time is flashing by..
    just found this on my introduction post to the forum..

    996s dyno chart.jpg
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  18. Untitled.png
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  19. AFAIK.. standard... original eprom. 45 mm exhaust 19k miles.
    Bought 6 months ago for 7000 euro's , spent another 1000 on rubber, belts and overall/desmo check.
    Best bike I've ever owned out of 15.

    1Desmo-MAD-Racing- - 3.jpeg

    1Desmo-MAD-Racing- - 4.jpeg

    1Desmo-MAD-Racing- - 5.jpeg

    1Desmo-MAD-Racing- - 6.jpeg
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  20. That count down to winning a bid is addictive
    Nice but :)
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