Dual Brake Lines On 999

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Cream_Revenge, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Hey

    Just battled my way through fitting new dual lines. Not sure I have the routing correct though.

    Anyone else fitted dual lines to the OEM master? Where the banjo comes out, as it's now a double, i can't have it at the lines the same direction as before so have to send it off in another direction or the bottom line hits the fork so wont fit.

    This on the non-radial brakes.

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  2. Do most people run them round the outside of the lower fork legs too?
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  3. I have dual lines on a standard m/cyl.
    The double banjo bolt which comes out of the bottom of the m/cyl is VERY close to the fork leg, I think I managed to get a super fine silver Rizla in the gap!
    I will get a pic later.
    I have radial calipers but I don’t believe this will affect the routing.
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  4. Cheers.

    How do you get to the banjo bolt to loosen and adj? Best I've figured is take off he kill switch and slide the master down the handle bar 1/2".
  5. Also, does it matter if they are not flat on the caliper before bolting down? Is it OK to for them to twist into line a bit? Not a lot, but there isn't much rotational flex in them.
  6. 4C4096FD-CAA3-4872-8C80-3E787137D3EE.jpeg F6781328-97F0-4226-B5C7-4B707632CF0C.jpeg Here’s some pics.
    To tighten the banjo, I believe I got the hoses approx correct and nipped up the bolt with an open ended spanner...then I think I undid the m/cyl clamp so I could rotate it carefully to get a socket onto the bolt head. Then I repositioned the m/cyl and checked it was all still ok and retightened the clamp. Bit of a nightmare.
    Regarding the alignment of the end banjo - it’s ok to twist them a few degrees to get them aligned so that the banjo lines up with the thread. Don’t wind them up like a spring, just light hand pressure.


  7. Thanks @RickyX , appreciate you taking the time. I'll have to have another go tomorrow.

    Have you gone round the outside of the lower forks above mudguard or through the inside? If that makes sense.
  8. Inside the forks.
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  9. Cheers mate.
  10. @RickyX your hose guide is upside down and in the wrong place (probably) did you move to get it to fit?

    Do the hoses rest against the forks at the top just under the banjo?

  11. @RickyX and now I understand why your guide is upside down and in the wrong place :upyeah:
  12. Yep. Does it work now?
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  13. Yep, all good. Mine are at a slightly different angle. I think I may have a different throttle/cables to you.

    Anyway, sorted now. Losing the bracket tidy thingy helped. I've just removed it.

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  14. Now the potentially tricky bit....bleeding it!!
  15. Work in progress. Pretty much bled and have reasonable firmness but will leave overnight for bubbles to settle and raise up.
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