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For Sale Ducati 1098

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Flatty, Jan 14, 2020 at 10:14 AM.

  1. A pristine ducati 1098
    I bought it off here in April, and have done about a thousand dry miles on it since. Other than cleaning it has only been wet once.
    I have changed the front tyre and the battery.
    I am hoping to buy a V4, and don't want three bikes which is the only reason for sale. Looks and sounds fantastic. Can be seen in Manchester. Need a day warning as it is stored elsewhere (on trickle charge)
    This is the blurb from when I bought it
    "I just have that one so far on my pc at work. Gives you an idea of the Zard exhausts etc. I put an aftermarket tinted screen on it, looks much better than the clear stock one which I will provide anyway. It has an expensive seat, forgot what its called, I would include this in the sale if required and I do have the original also. I fitted an upgraded mosfet regulator, original one can be an issue. It has vario adjustable foot rests fitted, again I have the originals which will be included.
    I have owned the bike 6-7 years, sunny weekend use only. It had a valve service 2016 which are usually carried out around 15k miles mainly to be on the safe side. Basically about 1,000 miles ago so no worries there for a long time. Other than the belt services which were carried out at Ducati main dealer and Ducati john who is a specialist, the interim oil and filter changes were done by myself annually, not much too it as you may or may not know. I have always used fully synthetic oil and changed it every year even though it was rarely used some years. It has a K&N air filter which ducati john fitted 3 years ago.
    As I mentioned, the bike is pencilled in with John for a belt, plugs, oil and filter service in April, earliest slot he had as he is very popular with enthusiasts. I did notice it will be wanting a new front tyre last weeks when I pulled it out to start it up after winter. I am happy to negotiate on this. I have always run with pirelli super corsa sp2 tyres as It has only ever been out on warm sunny days but these may well be overkill to be honest"
    It had the full service done last April as above, just before I bought it.
    I'd be looking for 6500
    It has done about 12k miles and is in perfect running order.
    It may look slightly smudgy as its coated in ACF50 for the winter

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  2. Do you have any lower resolution pictures these are taking ages to download...:D
    Who took these? A Sun reporter from a neighbouring island.
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  3. I might get it out at the weekend and take more photos. Its indoors under a blanket and three covers at the minute. I cleaned and oiled it on Sunday after a ride on Saturday, and put it away until the salt has gone and it stops raining which it hasn't since
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  4. I normally easily convinced to purchase a bike.... but this photo isn't doing it for me.

  5. 20190324_130243.jpg


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  6. These are all I have mate.
    If it's cold and wet, there won't be any more.
    I'm not desperate for a sale, it's only a minor frippery for a v4.
    I don't do track, just an odd commute in nice weather.
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  7. Rim tape, hmm - Catering pack of Wotsits interest you sir? :p:D
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  8. I'd add that it may include a rear wheel stand so you can work on the chain
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  9. It looks a nice bike - wish I had the cash and space, GLWS :upyeah:
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  10. You'll get £6,750 for the Superpole seat on it's own. :thinkingface:
  11. The what?

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