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Featured For Sale Ducati 1098r - Completely Rebuilt

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by ditchvisitor, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. Very unfortunate sale of my recently completed 1098R due to impending separation. I’m currently out of the country until Feb however I thought I would post it up now.

    2008 Ducati 1098R, originally owned by Martin Rees of Ducati Glasgow who turned it into a track bike from new with a lot of high end aftermarket parts and track/race bodywork, more recently it was owned for a long time by @Mary Hinge of this forum. It’s a well know forum bike that has been ridden hard and always on track but it has had a no expense spared ownership from new. I’ve just completed a extensive restoration using lots of brand new parts from Ducati and all the original fairings/carbon/tank etc that were stored from new.

    Some recent work and parts fitted:

    Full engine/gearbox rebuild by Glen Searle including Pistal pistons circa £5k (have full receipt, zero miles on engine since rebuild)
    Forks and shock rebuilt
    New chain/sprocket
    Brand new Bridgestone Battlax S22R
    Fitted with Ducati Corse power kit including exhaust cams/trumpets/ecu (originals included)
    Wilf at MotoRapido remap.
    Full 70mm Termi system

    My aim was to restore it to as per factory build spec and as far as I can remember the only non standard part is the JHP clutch cover with every new bit of carbon I bought being original Ducati Performance.

    The original clutch cover is included as is the full original exhaust system, including the boxed & wrapped, never used Akrapovic titanium cans, there are also load of spare parts, brand new bolts/fixings and 2 other ECU’s.

    The bike has covered 9900 miles however post it’s restoration it is all new or rebuilt, it’s road registered and I have a V5 in my name however it has never been MOT’d! (Would easily pass and will put 12 months on it).
    My build thread for the bike is here:

    As you can see from the thread I am pretty obsessive and have tried to make it as good as it can be, it is an exceedingly clean bike and all the fairings/tank etc have no stone chips and are pretty much immaculate.

    Having looked around at what else is around and bearing in mind the condition, engine rebuild and spares/exhaust etc I am asking £19,750.

    If I am way out on this please let me know (which I’m sure you will!!) I could be tempted by a part ex for a Duke up to a certain price however I need a decent bit of cash out of it that I can give away..... :pensive::sob::broken_heart:

    Any questions please fire away.
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  2. Oohhh, sorry to read about that DV, sorry you have to sell the bike and sorry to read about the separation. What a bummer !

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  3. Thanks mate appreciate it, not ideal on many counts but it is what it is.
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  4. If anyone would pay 17k plus for a 1098R, they should spend a bit more and buy this! :upyeah:
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  5. Absolutely. This bike is so mint it’s ridiculous. Brand new engine and meticulously rebuilt.

    @Martin Ducati Glasgow will confirm. Definitely a memorable bike :):upyeah:
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  6. Now that is a lovely bike. Stunning.
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  7. I'm biked out at the moment... busy buying next door.... Big plans to sell mine and next door with planning permission for a small hotel.... If this bloody Covid19 thing stops messing with my plans.

    GLWS... Lovely bike.

    EDIT... Sod it.. PM sent.
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  8. That’s for damn sure! This bike wanted for nothing while I owned it and was treated to everything and anything it ever needed without question.
    Since selling it to Mary Hinge, I know he’s treated it at least as well and is a true red Ducati fanatic.
    Ditchvisitor contacted me about the bike when he bought it from Mary Hinge and we spoke at length about the history and provenance.
    Since then, he’s sent me regular texts and videos with his progress on the build. He’s left no stone unturned and used all official Ducati parts from what I can see.
    I’ve not seen it in person but I would suggest that this 1098R is an incredible purchase opportunity. And Irrespective of the price that I feel is unbelievably reasonable, I’d go so far to say this simply has to be one of the best, if not THE best example of this model for sale on the planet right now.
    I’m truly serious and honest when I state that. A strong statement but I really think this is the case.
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  9. Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate the kind words.
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  10. Nice looking bike that
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  11. Dies it come with the BST carbon swingarm and wheels?
  12. Is this a bouncing back bike :D:upyeah:
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  13. Or a C-19 loan assistance bike?
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  14. No, as per the build thread they were taken off before I bought it.
  15. I think that swingarm is still on a shelf in my garage... :D The wheels are on my V4S... double :D:D
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  16. Kind of makes the other 1098R for sale on here look mega over priced...
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  17. Had some interest but nothing firm, will probably hold off advertising it anywhere else until the New Year, maybe risk Ebay or Collectingcars! Having looked around its competitively priced, just need to find the right buyer.
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