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Ducati 250 Cafe / Road Racer

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by pptom, Aug 8, 2015.

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    After a 2 year, no expense spared build my little Ducati 250 is now fully run in and ready for sale, time to move on to the next project.
    Brought as a bare bones project, this bike has been maintained / rebuilt / improved in every aspect, built primarily to be properly ridden, rather than try to look 'cool' although I don't think it looks too bad!
    3 previous owners, the last one only had the project for 1 year, meaning 2 owners have shared 50 years ownership.
    As per documentation from Kent County Council, the first registered keeper of this bike is John Surtees Ltd.
    As well as being the prolific racer, Mr Surtees OBE sold motorcycles from his shop in Kent, I can find no record however, of him ever selling Ducati's
    I did find one tantalising piece of info online - During 1962, Mr Surtees was racing cars and he was approached by Ducati who wanted him to ride for them, I can only assume that this bike was part of a sweetener? I've written to John Surtees OBE, and sent photographs, but never received a reply.
    Its also one of the first Ducati 250's to enter the country (Jan 1962) and is a very early frame number - essentially the 86th one produced
    First off - the Engine:
    I wanted a 'fast road' spec Engine, which was as close to being race spec as possible, whilst still retaining the ability to ride on the road, and be reliable.
    The Crankshaft was sent to Lacey Ducati who stripped and rebuilt it complete with a new Big end bearing and Arrow 'race' Conn rod. They also supplied a new Omega 'Road' piston (mach 1 / demo spec)
    Cylinder head went to SCR Classics - Tuning for road and race - SCR Classic Motorcycles
    They performed a big valve conversion, ported and flowed the cylinder head, matched the new inlet manifold to the head and converted the valve springs to coil spring type - all parts came from Lacey Ducati.
    Cylinder bored and honed to match new Piston
    Camshaft reground to 'Green and white' spec (popular period racer conversion) and followers re-dressed
    Brand new Mikuni VM32 Carburettor - recently completed set-up on a rolling road in Northampton
    The Engine was built by an ex CRMC Ducati 250 Season Champion, its been built to an extremely high standard and has been flawless in the 500 miles that I've used to run the engine in (its a 1 kick starter). I've just changed the oil and confirmed the engine power curve and fuelling on the rolling road at 'rhodes and track'. The engine continues building power up to just over 8k Rpm, where the power levels out. It could be tuned for more top end, but this would detract from the very usable engine characteristics on the road.
    Subframe shortened by approx 2"
    Additional frame bracing around rear engine mount
    Additional bracing at axle end of swingarm
    extension of swingarm pivot pin to tie the frame spine, swingarm and subframe together
    The above 3 modifications are well known period enhancements to the narrowcase frame and look authentic - if I didn't say they were there, most wouldn't notice
    Rear shocks are classic race spec, sprung and valved to my weight (80kg)
    Obviously forks are rebuilt - the stanchions are the original Ducati Items, they have been checked for straightness, re-hard chromed and ground back to spec.
    Ducati 748 steering damper fitted
    Wheels are rebuilt on period style flanged alloy rims (from Borrani, rear pattern) shod with Avon classic race tyres, these are perfect for road use.
    Completely road legal lighting, including brake light
    Scitsu tachometer
    Quick action throttle
    Many custom turned brass and aluminium parts
    12v conversion
    'Classic' Rearsets fitted
    Paintwork by 'flakey dave' - the tank is based on the original design, but with a colour change. Before it was sent for paint it was stripped back to bare metal and acid dipped, so pristine inside.
    I'm sure I'm going to think of other things to add to this description over the next few days. As you can see from the above, a great deal of time, effort and money has gone into this bike to make a reliable, well handling, quick little bike which sounds epic, I don't build bikes to sell and no corners have been cut. it gets quite a bit of attention wherever it goes and viewing is reccommended.
    Any questions, please give me a call on 07923993455
    Located in Northampton
    Near offers considered, I can help with delivery as I have a bike trailer
    More pictures on request.
    I'm afraid its not cheap, I'm after £10k, which reflects the amount of time, money and effort gone into this bike.

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  2. Price drop to £9k, new project found, so this needs to go. More pics on request
  3. Beautiful bike Tom, it would be a big bonus to get some more evidence of the Surtees link!
  4. Thanks very much.
    I've sent John Surtees Ltd an e-mail and a recorded delivery letter, with photographs, but never had a reply. I suppose the company 'vet' everything that goes through to Mr Surtees and my stuff doesn't make it.
    I suppose I could try one more time as it really is a tantalising link.
    Thought about contacting Ducati with the frame number, but their 'heritage' page of the website doesn't exist anymore - anyone have any Ducati contact details for someone who could help please?
  5. Love that, swap a new scrambler lol
  6. Thanks, tempted...
    Got a reply back from Ducati -
    'With regard to your inquiry, kindly note that, unfortunately, we are not authorised to provide the bike details you are requesting.
    We remain at your disposal.
    Kind regards,

    So not very helpfull really, although optomistically I took it to mean that I'm right about the Surtees link and they don't want to confirm it. Although maybe they don't give any info for any old frame numbers due to data protection or something - I would have thought they'd be able to help with the build date or build details even if they couldn't say who it was sent to in the uk?

    Anyway, I'll be draining the fuel this week and making it snug and safe for the winter.
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  7. I will keep an eye on this one Tom she is a cracker. If you still ah e her in the new year I could be tempted lol
  8. Having struck out with Sergio, you could try Livio Lodi the curator of the Ducati Museum - if you can pique his interest with the potential link to Surtees (a photocopy of the document showing the link might do it) he may feel inclined to research it for you, perhaps even be interested in the bike for the museum(?)

    Ducati Livio Lodi (interview)
  9. Thanks chaps, i'll give livio a try.
    Not pissing on my parade at all, the money would only sit in the bank doing sod all so i'm not desperate to sell, in fact I'm not 100% that I want to, hence not making much of an effort since August. I don't build bikes to turn a profit, its a hobby to offset the crap day job! It would be nice to get the investment back though of course i would consider offers below the £9k asking price
    When i dust it off next spring i may very well be happy that it didn't sell!!
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    Last edited: Nov 12, 2015
  10. Hi, just joined thus forum, don’t suppose the bike is still available. thanks
  11. Sold long ago Jim
  12. I think it's now on Car and Classic for 15k.
  13. Got 2x 350 desmo's and a 1 owner 750 GT coming tomorrow if it's of interest .

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