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For Sale Ducati 848, 2008

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by pasty PFC, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. FCDA4FFC-B08F-4DED-A373-98ADB5ECCE21.jpeg 0A64328C-5EB1-4232-9267-751F9ED9B979.jpeg 78E6C80A-1995-4B54-BF4B-D636CA206269.jpeg F1F62576-3A30-4C55-88A5-26BDCE0C90EF.jpeg 1BE6FF3E-5D70-4B22-87A5-8F1F6F3014BD.jpeg 4DC97A82-34B8-44BE-8E03-F55AE274F101.jpeg 9A14BC0E-27B9-49F5-914F-E98AAD5A4068.jpeg 275B4354-B9EB-421F-9C08-E02866DE62A3.jpeg DCAFCA87-54AE-473D-BFB2-8069719DFDD4.jpeg 0A0B2625-B93F-482C-9285-94158ACD27C6.jpeg Here is my 2008 Ducati 848. I absolutely love this bike, i have enjoyed it immensely, it’s a real head turner. There is an abundance of power (too much for uk roads!), powerful brakes and it handles beautifully. A big plus is that there are no rider aids to dampen the experience. Unfortunately I am suffering with back and neck problems so I’m looking to replace it with something less aggressive in riding position.

    The bike is mostly standard except for a few carbon parts, CNC racing shorty levers, red belly pan and the rear seat cowl. Pillion pegs have been removed but will be supplied with the bike. I will also provide the original levers and pillion seat unit.

    During the three winters that I have had the pleasure of owning the bike I have stripped, serviced and cleaned it meticulously. I have replaced the belts with OEM parts every other year (done this year) and measured valve clearances annually. Oil and filter services also carried out annually. I had a new pair of Bridgestone BT21’s fitted last summer, since then I have done ~1k miles. In the time I have had it I have only ridden in dry conditions.

    Overall the bike is in very good, clean condition. The fairings are in very good condition for its age with little evidence of fade or wear. As with all twelve year old bikes it does not come without age related marks e.g. stone chips around gearbox cases and shock spring (no rear hugger). There are a few scratches on the plastic parts but you need to be looking for them. The clock unit was replaced under warranty early in its life.

    The current mileage is approximately 12k miles, it will go up as I will continue to ride it as my weekend bike. MOT is valid until September.

    I am in no rush to sell the bike and silly offers will be ignored. I will however consider sensible offers. I strongly recommend that you come to view the bike before making offers. I live in Bristol.

    I have priced the bike at £5700
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  2. But a Hypermotard when you're done! GLWS...
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  3. Ha yes, that’s the plan!
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  4. Blimey - we'll have to start a Bristol Hypers club:D
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  5. Mine is for sale, 1100. evo SP with all the right bits!
  6. Stunning bike:heart_eyes:
  7. That is stunning.
  8. Thanks guys you are kind.
    Correction; the new tyres are S21r’s (hypersport), not BT21’s.
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  9. Excuse my ignorance. What does nuke post mean?
  10. I think he’s probably done it by accident, but judging by the last month or two I can’t be certain.
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  11. Hi all,
    Obviously not a great time to sell but thought I’d do a bit of marketing...
    In light of the easing restrictions I will take it out today to blow the cobwebs. Wondering if I can ask a bit more on the price with the addition of some fresh 2020 flies!?!
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  12. It could be a scrolling mistake as it’s by the right scrolling finger :)
  13. I think it’s the perfect time to sell, everyone is stir crazy and looking for ways to escape lockdown syndrome. Just keep it advertised and ready to go
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