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For Sale Ducati 848

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by gog5, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Hi all, I have for sale my very clean 848.

    14150 miles - full service history
    2008 reg

    The bike comes with many extras.

    Genuine Ducati rear seat cowl
    Zero gravity double bubble screen
    New silencers bought then fitted with Leo Vince race baffle kit - sounds better than Termignoni and Akrapovic ( I tried them both)
    Motodynamics smoked rear light unit from America with built in sequential indicators (like new Audi's)
    Evotech tail tidy
    Exhaust servo delete mod
    Battery cables upgraded
    Recent new battery
    R&G bar ends
    Carbon fibre hugger
    Carbon fibre mudguard
    Carbon fibre exhaust heat shield x 2
    Carbon fibre extended chain guard
    Carbon fibre heel plates
    Carbon fibre sprocket cover
    Carbon fibre ignition surround
    Carbon fibre side infill panels

    All original parts are supplied with the bike.

    The bike rides perfectly. It has Metzeler M7RR tyres with loads of tread. Chain and sprockets are quite recent with -1 tooth front sprocket.

    I bought the bike with the intention of making it a 'keeper' only selling as circumstances have changed. I have looked after the bike very well and carried out the full service last winter. I'm an engineer by trade and have always serviced my own cars/bikes. The last service was way over the top but I intended to keep the bike for a long time. I carried out the entire service guide in the workshop manual (bike comes with CD)

    I have a print out of exactly what was done. but major things carried out were:-
    Belts changed - genuine Ducati
    Oil and filter
    Coolant flushed and replaced
    Brake and clutch fluid replaced
    Checked valve clearances
    Checked/cleaned spark plugs
    Checked/cleaned air filter
    Checked tightness of major components
    Checked all major bearings

    History is as follows:-
    Riders Bridgwater Ducati 650 miles
    Riders Bridgwater Ducati 3398 miles
    Riders Bridgwater Ducati 4630 miles
    Riders of Bristol 6680 miles
    Louigi Moto 7382 miles
    Ducati Leeds 10500 miles
    Full service by myself 13200 miles

    I'm asking for £5550

    IMG_20191110_141111.jpg IMG_20191110_141138.jpg IMG_20191110_141209.jpg IMG_20191110_142049.jpg IMG_20191110_142725.jpg IMG_20191110_142757.jpg IMG_20191110_143016.jpg
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  2. bloody gorgeous.. GLWS
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  3. Very nice bike. GLWS.
    Also that's got to be one of the most tidy garages in the world :D
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  4. Thanks, tempted to take the advert down already

    Thanks, I get a lot of grief for having a tidy garage :joy:
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  5. Still for sale
  6. GLWS beautiful example, where are you in the world please?
  7. Thanks I'm just outside Aberdeen

    I got the bike delivered to my door from Birmingham area for £150, so not to bad if anyone wanted to go down that route.
  8. IMG_20200123_140435.jpg IMG_20200123_140449.jpg

    Some pictures whilst the sun's out
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  9. Why do I like these bikes above all others? Lovely looking bike
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  10. I had a lovely black swingarm to go on that
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  11. To be honest after having it out today I'm tempted to keep it and sell the S1000RR I've bought to replace it :confused:
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  12. Keep it 848 is a bike you can push a little bit on the road it’s my absolute favourite bike the 1198 I got last year would have been ridiculous for me to try ride but I have had 2x848’s and I must have another at some point I have had numerous fireblades and yes great bikes obviously but feathering a throttle is utterly pointless and unrewarding you can’t beat giving a bike a handful and enjoying it in my opinion, people can talk big power figures all day but a good amount of them are probably not 100% happy with their bike and happiness is everything on a bike. Think carefully that is a beautiful fantastic bike that will look the nuts forever fella :upyeah:
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  13. Still for sale, will be going on ebay soonish
  14. Price dropped to £5550 and on ebay
  15. Lovely bike, just saw you on Gumtree also. GLWS.
  16. Minter, I know what you mean about the S1000RR too, super fast and clinical but just a bit meh
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