For Sale Ducati 899 Panigale Uprgraded Parts For Sale:ohlins Ttx Gp,rizoma Rearsets Ducati Performance,carbon

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  1. As i am putting my 899 up for sale, I have decided to remove a few of the parts and put them up on this forum for sale. Parts are to be removed this weekend, so pictures will follow. But all parts are in a like new condition. I have the original boxes etc for the majority of the parts.
    Below is a list of parts with prices:

    -Termis SOLD

    -Ohlins ttx gp du361 brought new approx 3 months ago, comes with box, adjuster spanners and all paperwork, new condition £750





    -Rizoma RRC adjustable rear sets, in box like new SOLD




    -Ducati performance folding levers in packaging SOLD

    - Ducati performance fluid reservoirs in box (black) SOLD

    -Ducati performance bar ends in packaging (black) SOLD

    -Ducati performance carbon rear hugger £100


    - Ducati performance carbon chain guard £60 (was 70)


    - Carbon front mudgaurd (same as ducati weave) SOLD


    - Carbon shock cover (same as ducati weave) £50


    -Termi carbon covers (same as ducati weave) SOLD


    - Ducati performance rear led indicators SOLD

    All items are plus postage.
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  2. bugger i just bought some rearsets

    Ill have the levers and the bar ends

    PM sent
  3. Thread moved
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  4. Replied to your ok, awaiting response :upyeah:
  5. Payment sent for levers and bar ends thanks
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  6. Update:
    Termis, levers, bar ends and fluid reservoirs now sold.

    Still for sale:
    Ohlins ttx gp du361
    Rizoma RRC rear sets
    All carbon
    Ducati performamce Rear led indicators
  7. Any pics of the DP indicators please.
  8. Hi mate, I can confirm they are like new with no marks what so ever. They have ducati performance logo engraved/ laser etched onto the top of each light


  9. Picture of when I first put them on....

  10. Items left for sale:
    -Ohlins rear shock
    -DP carbon Rear hugger
    -DP carbon chain guard
    - Carbon rear shock cover
  11. Prices now include postage :)
  12. Ohlins rear shock price lowered to £700 including postage: no offers, priced to sell :)
  13. Prices lowered:
    Carbon rear shock cover £40
    DP carbon chain guard £55
    DP carbon rear hugger £95
    Ohlins rear shock £700
  14. Is the DP Carbon matt or gloss ??
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  15. It is all Matt, thanks
  16. Final lowered prices:

    Ohlins rear shock like new: £675
    Matt dp carbon chain guard: £50
    Matt dp carbon rear hugger: £90
    Matt Carbon rear shock cover: £35