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For Sale Ducati 899

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by carson, Jul 26, 2019.

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  1. 54B8544D-05AE-416C-A1E1-A62636E846E3.jpeg 8DAA3C24-7EBE-49C3-81CC-5D036E6DBA08.jpeg Looking to sell my 899 track bike with V5 in my name

    It’s an ex trioptions bike that was built by moto rapido to a very high standard. The engine was rebuilt by them using Carrillo rods, sigma slipper clutch and a kit generator prior to me purchasing it 2 years ago. It’s since done 10 trackdays in that time and approximately 4K miles.

    The bike has a professional paint job and looks great, including the wheels and has the following fitted:

    Carrillo rods
    Sigma slipper clutch
    Kit generator
    MWR oversized air intakes and top fairing bracket
    New paint scheme
    New Bridgestone V02 slicks
    New chain and sprocket 5 trackdays ago
    Ohlins front cartridge kit serviced 5 trackdays ago
    Ohlins shock
    New Brembo Z04 pads
    Brembo discs
    Bike Sports Development blipper box pro
    New HEL front master cylinder 1 trackday old and various levers to suit
    Oberon clutch slave cylinder 5 trackdays ago
    Renthal clip ons plus another brand new set style in the packet
    Carbon swingarm covers
    Carbon exhaust cover
    Carbon chain guard
    Carbon frame covers
    Carbon exhaust plates
    Lightech rearsets with carbon heel plates
    Termignoni exhausts and mapped accordingly
    Quick release fuel cap
    Braided brake lines
    Carbon rear mudguard
    Crash bobbins on both axles
    Rain light
    Engine covers
    Carbon shock cover
    Shark fin

    Probably missed some stuff but it’s a high spec bike that wants for nothing. Bike is located in South Costa Blanca, near Torrevieja, Spain.

    £9000 no offers but willing to do a deal with a gen 3 Beemer or R1
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  2. Lovely bike.
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  3. Makes me almost want to more than double my 848 track slag budget. Looks awesome.

    With 10 trackdays and 4k miles does that mean 400 miles per trackday?
  4. No it’s done 4K miles in total mate
  5. Looks tidy Rob. Running 200 section on the rear??

    You bought it off that tidy chick in the Tri Options didn't you? Is that the original seat or have you put that in your 'special' drawer?? :laughing:
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  6. I'm not quite sure that you'd want to sniff that seat anymore, her lovely scent has long been replaced by that of a little fat sweaty Scotman!

    Yeah it's a 200 rear, can't get a 180 in the V02s last time I checked
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  7. Do it!
    They're a bazzion times better!
  8. Edited the original post to include the MWR oversized air intakes and top fairing bracket
  9. right bits for a track bike.

    Very limited pot of people tho, at that price. GLWS and hope you don’t end up fighting evilbay to sell it! :upyeah:
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  10. Lovely that
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  11. Nice MV reparto corse paint job. Bike looks good .
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  12. Would be willing to do a deal on a Gen 3 Beemer or 2015 on R1
  13. Bike will be at Alcarras at the end of the month with Pacedayz if anyone is interested
  14. Price dropped to £8500
  15. Got the bike back home and given it a good clean. Can’t believe how good this bike is and no real interest.
    5E5CA3B7-C429-4D5C-9144-901399FE35BA.jpeg 78D090B8-E389-4FD2-81CA-90D505E0C3DA.jpeg 1C1711FB-7262-4E33-A0D6-602E177BA791.jpeg A4BA2B53-64FB-4E69-8C01-7A101093F691.jpeg 21167E6E-CD9B-424B-8AD4-5B3780F3A1E9.jpeg EBD09C97-241E-44BD-BEF8-BBC9081B3BBA.jpeg 6533931E-FD5E-43BC-AB1C-DCB6E80A4AC2.jpeg
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  16. Only 5844 miles

  17. I'm actually slightly annoyed for you that this hasn't gone, that is alot of bike for 8k.
  18. I know mate but it is what it is. I’m fortunate enough that I don’t need to sell it although I do need to sell it before I buy another bike but that’s more through want than necessity.

    I won’t budge from £8k it’s worth every penny and I’ve already rejected £7500
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  19. Yeah if your lucky enough to be in that position bud might as well hold out. I bet its dreamy to ride, rare you find an 899 with that suspension.
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