Ducati 900 Ss Carb Vin Number Is Only 15 Long

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  1. I bought a beautiful 900 ss today and i am trying to find the history
    the vin in the papers is just 15 long zdm906sc2012988 so something must be missing, and i cannot figure out what?

    so far i know its importet from UK to Denmark and according to the registration its a 1994, can anyone tell me what 2 numbers i am missing in my vin.

    And also is there a forum here where i can post info pictures etc so that i can find previous owners etc (i am Autistic and i am terrible at navigating this forum, god knows how i found my way here in the first place)
  2. That is correct number 1994 900ss

  3. Ahaaa Najs thanks so I just add the 2 * signs when is search I’ll try that when I wake up, thank you for the answer
  4. Hmm does not seem to work on any of the vin checking sites
  5. 08B2E8C0-7160-4383-BF28-69494BA4D15D.jpeg It’s probably me I must be doing something wrong, here is a photo of the vin could one of you guys test it pleases
  6. That frame number is correct for a '94 900SS. Ducati didn't switch to the internationally accepted 17 digit VIN until the late '90s, possibly 1998.
  7. Ohhhh ok thank you very much,
    It was driving me insane, I can now continue on my quest, (can you tell anything else from the numbers , sorry about bugging you)
  8. Btw I also own a 2000 ssie I can try to take a picture when I get home so there is a comparison, and guys thank you for helping
  9. Looks like @Derek already said the needful. :)
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