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Featured For Sale Ducati 900ss - 1994

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Dartanion, Aug 19, 2021.

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  1. Up for sale is my 1994 900ss which has covered around 35k miles and taking into consideration that this is now over 27 years old I would say in very good (but not excellent) condition - just not using it so it needs to go to a good home - too many bikes not enough time.

    The bike has been off the road for about two years and I have just spent some time recommissioning it, the fuel pump in the tank had failed and has been replaced, recent oil and filter change and it has a new battery. The bike runs ok although a little rough, I think that the carbs need a proper service which is somewhat beyond me. Bodywork is again ok but has one or two issues which I have tried to show in the photos the frame and engine also show signs of age but nothing out of the normal for it's age.

    I have a whole file full of history for the bike right back to when it was new, it also comes with a set of performance pipes which I have never bothered fitting as I preferred the original look of the bike.

    EDIT - forgot to mention that it has a fresh MOT which it flew through with no advisories.

    I have looked around on Ebay and trader to try and gauge an idea of values and these seem to range from £2k for a shitter up to circa £4.5k for a low mileage great condition example, with this in mind I am looking for £2,750 ono

    The bike is located in Surrey near Jnc 11 of the M25 and viewings can be arranged most weekdays and weekends for anyone seriously interested, please PM me if you have any questions or for contact details and to make suitable arrangements, thanks for looking.

    Take care.










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  2. It needs a little bit of money spent on the fairing paintwork & engine but it should make someone a nice old school motorcycle.:upyeah:
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  3. Agreed, I’ve tried to price it fairly based on the condition but I’m sure others will have their opinion.
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  4. Yes and everything's negotiable on the day, also i know that junction 11 very well as i used to travel there many moons ago.
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  5. Bargain! GLWS
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  6. thanks buddy, appreciated.
  7. Just edited the original post as I forgot to mention that it has a fresh MOT which it flew through with no advisories.
  8. Maybe put a picture of the performance exhaust up they can be quite desirable
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  9. Is the rear spring (or shock) aftermarket?
  10. Just out of curiosity, is there any oil in it?
  11. Side stand, it’s on the side stand!
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  12. Oh yeah. Doh. Haha.
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  13. That’s why my bike takes 8 litres and pumps out oil through the breather
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  14. Some additional pics showing the spare exhaust cans and the rear shock - not sure if t he shock is aftermarket or if it’s just a replacement spring.




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  15. Whoa, purple!
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  16. What’s wrong with purple, I’ve heard that purple is the new yellow lol
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  17. Mine was yellow
  18. Its not a Stock Showa shock. Purple spring is usually Hyperpro or Maxton, but I've not seen either to be certain which it is. Nice upgrade either way.
    Picture further down this thread shows the evidence that it is an original Showa. I stand corrected.
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  19. Bike is located in my mates garage, I’ll pop over tomorrow and have the seat off to get a better look at it.
  20. Glws :upyeah:
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