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Featured For Sale Ducati 959 Panigale Corse

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Snips, Sep 10, 2021.

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  1. Hi there,

    Time to sell my Ducati 959 Panigale Corse. It's a special bike that always gets admiring attention from bikers and non-bikers as it looks and sounds amazing. Note there's a link to a full album of current photos below, but here's a teaser to make you weak at the knees...


    The Corse an official Ducati model based on the 959, but including with some very desirable spec upgrades:
    • A Superleggera-style matte paint scheme
    • Ohlins suspension front and rear (an upgrade from the regular 959 Showa suspension)
    • Ohlins steering damper (an upgrade from the regular 959 Sachs steering damper)
    • Akrapovic titanium side exhaust, though this bike is further upgraded with the eye-wateringly expensive Akrapovic underbelly exhaust slip ons as nature intended. The side exhausts fitted to UK 959s just look wrong, so the underbelly exhausts are a must have. The original Akrapovic titanium side exhausts are included in the sale, if the bike is just too pretty for you as is ;)
    • Quickshifter
    • Lithium ion battery
    It's basically the 'S' model that Ducati don't offer for their 'smaller' bikes in all but name.

    • First Registered August 2018, so on an 18-plate.
    • 3650 miles
    • 1 owner from new - me!
    • FDSH history from Ducati Cambridge, who supplied the bike and fitted most of the mods.
    • Bike was last serviced on 24/8/21, when it was also given its first MOT. It passed, with an Advisory for noisy exhaust, a badge of honour ;)
    • Brand new (< 100 miles) Metzeler M9RR tyres front and rear, also fitted by dealer at time of service MOT.
    • The bike has been ridden in the wet when caught in rain (protected with ACF-50), but is SORN’d over winter and kept off roads until all salt cleared.
    • The bike lives in a brick garage, under a Ducati soft cover and even stands on its own carpet.
    • The bike was bought cash, and there is no outstanding finance.
    Modifications / Accessories

    The bike has a number of tasteful modifications,
    • Akrapovic underbelly titanium exhaust (slip ons only) with corresponding Corse lower fairings
    • Datatag (transferable to new owner)
    • Optimate charging lead
    Ducati Performance Accessories
    • Ducati Corse pillion seat cowl
    • LED rear indicators
    • Lower radiator guard
    • Carbon fibre front mudguard (all carbon fibre parts are matching DP matte carbon)
    • Carbon fibre rear hugger
    • Carbon fibre ignition cover
    • Carbon fibre heel guards
    • Carbon fibre shock guard
    • Carbon fibre chain guard
    • Black anodised front clutch and brake fluid reservoirs [Ducati Performance by Rizoma]
    • Tank protector
    Evotech Performance Accessories
    • Tail tidy
    • Folding brake and clutch levers
    • Brake guard protection
    • Rear stand bobbins
    • Front and rear spindle bobbins (not fitted)
    All original parts are included, boxed as returned to me by the dealer, including the original Akrapovic titanium side exhausts that the 959 Corse originally came with, and corresponding Corse lower fairings.

    It comes with both keys, all standard documentation, including dealer-stamped service book.

    As a used but cherished bike, it is in excellent condition. All paintwork is in immaculate condition, including the decals. I would have been sceptical about the matte paint had I not also had a Street Triple for 3 years prior with matte paint, and it was a revelation, so I had no hesitation in buying a matte paint bike again (especially as the standard red 959 doesn't have clear coat / lacquer so is vulnerable, and which I would not buy because I'm fussy about such things, can you tell?).

    The bike has never had any issues at all, and the history can be verified by Ducati Cambridge. It has also never been dropped or otherwise damaged. If you wish to verify the bike's history with Ducati Cambridge, PM me and I'll give you the registration.

    I only ever put premium fuel (Shell V-Power or BP Ultimate) in my car or bikes.

    I'm in Newmarket, Suffolk, and work from home, so available for viewings. No test rides, sorry.

    A full album of current photos is available to view >>> here <<<

    With all considered, I'm asking £12,950. It's an excellent example, and a rare opportunity to obtain a 'smaller' Panigale, with all the bling of an 'S' model, and those essential (but pricey) underbelly Akras.

    I'm a regular on the forum, so you can review my history of posts to check me out. By way of an independent reference, I also recently sold my Street Triple via an online forum, and a guy up in Scotland bought it 'unseen' and had it transported to him. He was very happy with the bike being as described when he received it.

    Thanks for reading. Please PM me if interested, and / or if you have any questions.

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    Last edited: Sep 11, 2021
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  2. Cracking bike! GLWS.
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  3. Hats off to you fella, that’s how you sell a bike GLWS
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  4. Very smart bike. GLWS… :upyeah:
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  5. Needs more gold ;)
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  6. Lovely that:upyeah: friend of mine had exactly the same 959 Corse model, pictures won’t do this bike any justification:eek: They look stunning in the flesh:heart_eyes:…. By far my favourite paint scheme :upyeah:And with all the goodies. Glws
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  7. Ohh. You selling the wheels yet? Don’t forget I’ve got first dibs. :D
  8. Not on the cards yet mate - was just attempting and failing to make a joke in reference to how tasteful this is in comparison to a certain 1199 recently posted!

    You have first refusal if I decide to sell the wheels! :)
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  9. Very nice would be quite tempted if its still for sale in the new year lol.
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  10. That’s a lovely bike OP
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  11. SOLD! ...within 48 hours of posting the ad.

    The bike is everything I said it was (the buyer was not disappointed on seeing it), and they've bought an amazing bike and I hope they enjoy it. I will definitely miss having it in the garage.

    Thanks to everyone for all the positive comments about the bike (and the ad!).

    Thanks too to to the mods for featuring the ad on the front page.

    I'll post separately on my future plans.
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