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For Sale Ducati 999s 2006 Sold

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Webby69, Jul 30, 2017.

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  1. IMG_0206.JPG IMG_0101.JPG IMG_0206.JPG IMG_0201.JPG IMG_0199.JPG IMG_0197.JPG IMG_0195.JPG IMG_0193.JPG IMG_0191.JPG Absolutely stunning genuine monoposto but when purchased new 1st owner also purchased biposto setup with matching seat lock and tail pod (best of both worlds)
    All manuals ,service book,2 keys plus red one (everything it came with when new)
    Fsh (last service Jan 2017) mot till may 2018. 22500 miles (but condition looks like it has done 1000)
    Full spec ohlins and termi plus extras (no Chinese rubbish)
    Dpm rear sets,dpm carbon hugger,dpm billet aluminium fast action throttle,open carbon clutch cover and dpm pressure plate.power commander 3 fitted and set up at dynapro so runs and fuels superb.
    2 new diablo tyres fitted 40 miles ago plus yuasa battery and new fork oil,also comes with all the standard parts.This bike lives in a central heated man cave and has wanted for nothing only been used in sunshine as stated condition is absolutely stunning draws attention everywhere it goes first genuine person to view will buy.
    Purchase of a friends panigale is only reason for sale
    £6750 ovno

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  2. I don't know if you can afford to run/keep/have space for two bikes but if I were you I would not sell this bike unless you absolutely have to. I have exactly the same model but in nero and it's by far the best bike I have ever owned in over thirty years of bike ownership. I'm pretty sure you'll regret selling it if you do and if you try and buy it back in a few years time, you'll be offering far more than you're selling it for today. If I hadn't just bought an R to go with the S and you're determined to sell it, I'd be on the next boat over to collect it!
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  3. looks mint good luck mate :upyeah:
  4. One of my dream bikes, not in a position to buy :(. Lovely example, glws.
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  5. Could be interested, where abouts are you?
  6. That is quite lovely, glws
  7. Hi sorry only just seen your message only just got back from ulster gp
    I'm in Northwich cheshire
  8. Still for sale?
  9. You might want to check the dates on some of the posts Miles:thinkingface: althoughI suppose there's no harm in asking the question.
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  10. Fair point but just trying to flush a 999s bike out of the woodwork to buy haha.
  11. Best one I saw was a bsb superstock 999s up in scotchland built by pro twins was the business.
  12. Sorry sold
  13. 1A6C6243-9BB0-406F-A8A0-71BE49BCE5F8.jpeg FA63468C-8979-4557-80B0-12E5DBD45BF9.jpeg
    I will sell mine, but only at proper price, pm me for details if you like?
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  14. When you say ‘proper price’ are you inferring Webby’s now sold example was either too cheap or too expensive, in your opinion?
  15. how much did that go for if you don’t mind me asking?
  16. I don’t mind at all, but you’d have to ask them that.
    I know what he was asking though as it’s there written down
  17. Bike sold for full asking price to a collector in Scotland
    It was mint
  18. I have no idea but what I mean is that if I do sell it, it will not be a corona virus special price!
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  19. I have no knowledge of that bike or the sale price but for example, what was the advertised price?
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