Ducati, A First.... 2017 Multi Pikes

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  1. Alright guys. Pleased to sign up and pester all the Ducati 'vet's' for advice and opinion. I've had a good trawl through and there seems to be ample banter! Good stuff.
    I'm from Lincolnshire but live in Southern Spain where the roads never end and the season is all 12 months. Expecting to get a few trips in this year to get to one with the new bike... only racked up around 500kms since i bought it. Im very road biased so will have tyre decisions coming up... Other rides in the stable are - 2016 Aprilia Tuono 1100RR, 2012 BMW K1300S-HP, KTM EXC 350-F Enduro... Harley and scooter getting eyed up! Barely need a car in my neck or the woods.
    Thanks in advance for any help!

    PS: my flag is Iraq coz this is where I work!....
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  2. welcome Dave
  3. welcome multi1971, southern spain..?? Sounds like a invite!!!!1
  4. Welcome to the forum. :)
  5. Hello, welcome and lucky you for living where the sun shines all year round.
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  6. Welcome to all over the planet man;) what are you selling,firearms or oil/gas:thinkingface:
  7. The latter....
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  8. Started at Immingham? :)
  9. Welcome dude :cool::upyeah:
  10. Hi welcome to the Ducati forum
    You are a very lucky man beautiful bikes in a beautiful country
  11. Grew up there, then Grimsby, Caistor and around a lot of the UK as well as overseas al lot. Worked West & Central africa for 8 or 9 years, just started here in Kurdistan Region of Iraq 6 months ago...
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  12. Welcome and enjoy!
  13. Nice stable of bikes. Hope you’re not trading any of them to make way for the Mutley.

    Southern Spain, whereabouts roughly?
  14. Welcome into our mad house

    We appreciate pics of your bins and bikes please it’s a forum law and we like them

    Do you like red :D
  15. Eyup and Welcome. Good range of options in the garage.
    Lincolnshire is still here, cold n wet n windy but hoping for a summer like the last one.
    Envious of your year-round riding climate, but not the heat of the summer there.
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  16. LOL, Actually the BMW and the Aprilia up for grabs...... (Aprilia is a 50/50 - craziest unicycle ever!) but the beemer served well...5 years had it, 35k Kms on it, some great comfy long trips. It was the perfect all-in-one Hyper Tourer with sporty fun... Now the Mut has grabbed my attention too much..... Looking at Harley as loads of mates near me all have a cruiser so be nice to go out for a steady plod down the coast without hitting the 'G's and dangers. Im in Marbella area. near Puerto Banus.
  17. I kinda miss the Willy Woods, Mabo and Skegvegas rides.... except the potholes! none in Spain.... :)
  18. It's Lee actually.... LOL