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1199 Ducati Branded Leathers... Or Not!?

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Reubinio, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Wanted to see whats the trend/opinion? I have a black one-piece RST which is great but been tempted with a Dianese Ducati one piece to match the beast. Do I run the risk of trying to look like a GP rider? Do many of you have Ducati leathers or is it seen as a bit naff? They look great but, all the gear no idea lable risk?
  2. Some people run with Valentino Rossi leathers and other brand names etc,etc and they look great but just not for me,if your happy with the words ducati then do it.
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  3. I would if I had the spare cash. I think the Ducati leathers look great
  4. They're free.................. if you buy a new V4 right now.
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  5. You'd like to think they would of included a V4R within that wouldn't you. Doh, just brought mine as well
  6. V4 it is then! Ha
  7. I had not spotted this offer, its a great bit of work by the Ducati commercial team - be a few of the s1000RR cancelled orders coming over to the red side. No need to do this on the v4R clearly.
  8. They are all made by Dianese from what I can see, meaning they won’t be crap... they will be as good as most of the stuff out there. Look for all the usual things, use of good quality zips, triple flat stitching and CE armour.
  9. If you like em, then fuck everyone else. Do what you feel good about, not what anyone else does.

    Besides most people wear scruffy baggy shite thats 20yrs out of date with no colour co-ordination. But, if they like it, then fuck me too.
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  10. If you're riding a Ducati, you're already a bit of a tart, so might as well go all in... I quite fancy the Corse leathers - thought I have to remind myself that they get covered in flies and grime quickly, and never look as flash as they do in the shop ever again ;-)
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  11. If you ride a strictly non-sports model (such as the stupendous wolf in sheep's clothing ST4) you can wear any old shite and get away with it, Panigale riders require to be 'tailored' sir :D
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  12. I cleaned and oiled my set before my trip to the alps. Theyre now covered in suicidal insects. Personally, I quite like the 'used' look. My fave were a furygan set that'd been down the road a few times. However they shrunk round the waist.
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  13. unless you can ride like dean harrison you will look like you have the massive ghey
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  14. Not my cup of tea, but then I have got a Honda, yamaha,Suzuki and a ducati so need neutral leathers
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  15. Paint them all red?
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  16. As said, get what you like. But I do get where you're coming from with all the 'gear' thing. I quite like the Ducati Dianese one piece stuff but I've had the same thoughts as you on it. And consequently chickened out.

    My fear is, I'll be approached by Ducati at a track day and offered a million pound contract. NOT to wear their kit :blush::laughing:
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  17. If they're comfy, you like it and abides by the track rules. Then literally who the hell cares what anyone else thinks of it. Same goes for your armour, boots, gloves and helmet.
  18. @Sam1199 was rocking his on the weekend and looked extremely stylish I have to say. I’d get em if I had the money to spend on them.
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  19. I'm getting a set due to my collecting my new V4S on Saturday. Will feel a bit full kit wanker but they're free so can't say no. Will probably keep them for a track set and use my black RST set for road rides.

    Or just sell them....!
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  20. I don't even have a Ducati shirt or cap but have plenty of BMW things because they give them to you on ride days :)
    Free! why wouldn't you?
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