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Ducati Diavel Seat

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by michjon, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. Want to change the seat on my Diavel and want one that that looks as stunning as the rest of the bike. Any ideas?
  2. Aside from the differing OEM saddles between the models, I believe the only aftermarket one available to date is made by Corbin. Andy
  3. Cheers looked at them - they look pretty cool
  4. The corbin is way better than any of the Ducati offerings. The base is much firmer. That said, mine came of ebay and has the nasty winged wheel logo - but you can't see it when I am sitting on it.
  5. Sargent have just released there's in 2 height options as well as a heat option. Only showing on the US site at the minute. UK says still being developed.
  6. Updating this thread... I’ve just bought Ducati’s Touring seat off eBay. I’m 6’2” and find the riding position a bit cramped, hoping the 36mm higher seat will help. An ‘extra’ benefit may be its easier on my nether region against the tank.
    If this seat improves things, I’m looking to swap to Sargent’s World Sport Performance High seat, which is same height as Ducati’s Touring seat. Heat is an optional extra at £175, what’s your thoughts? I have heated seats in my Saab, love them.
  7. I have the Touring seat and am 6"1, seems better but not done many miles because of the crappy weather!! bought it for next year euro tour if it happens.........
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  8. Great find on the Sargent seats but why woudl you want heated seats on a 1260s the exhaust is so close its always heated :)

    Need to upgrade mine had it recoverd but still not happy 100% with it. need more padding
  9. Seat is next on my list, I don’t need the padding (my fat arse provides that) but would like something nicer to look at
  10. I have a touring seat for Gen 1 if anyone wants to buy it... let me know
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