Ducati Electrics........you Gotta Love Em

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by PeterT, Jan 6, 2019.

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    Left me stranded less than 2 miles from home. 2 minute fix. then enjoyed it the rest of the day.
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  2. Just a fuse blown then or other:thinkingface:
  3. Nope not even a fuse blown

    Even more trivial than that
  4. You didn’t start the bike?
  5. Kill switch?
  6. Nope starter switch dirty, contact cleaner and it fired up instantly.
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  7. The master key:thinkingface:
  8. The other bloke from Dire Straits has let himself go!
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  9. Probably horrified by that rimtape you have it wearing !!!!
  10. for sure it wont work strapped to a trailer lol
  11. If you have heated grips I’d be more worried about those:eyes:
  12. They work perfectly i'll have you know
  13. Good to hear. Ratcheting tie downs on grips that have a heating element in them is always a risky move.
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  14. If you were 2 miles from home with a dodgy starter switch surely it's easier to bump start it than trailer it home.
  15. No not really? Have you tried bump starting a multistrada on your Own?
    Anyway I bypassed the switch and went straight to the starter solenoid but that only turned it over, the switch needs 5 volts constant to power up the ECU side so it wasn.t getting it so it would not start anyway
  16. Haa famous last words, it's bit me in the Arse again. This time at Bury Hill died, luck I was still carrying the required tools needed to remove said switch, but to no avail:confused:
    Hours passed and I had to give in and call the AA. Trailered it back to P&H where I was greeted by coffee from the service department:upyeah::upyeah:
    And was given a loan KTM690 to get home with. So not a bad day really as I was touring the coast this morning and it never missed a beat.
    Tomorrow after the assessment we shall find out what has died, hopefully not the dash again because these are expensive:(

  17. Fair enough.
  18. Problem solved.
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  19. And.....?
  20. Oh yes of course forgot to say it was the starter switch
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