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Featured Ducati Foggy Replica 916 Key Ring Wanted For Number 173

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Tim Hunt, Jan 15, 2024.

  1. Hi all

    I am new to this Forum but have been riding bikes for 40 years, at present I have a Ducati 916 Foggy replica and a customised 2000 R1.
    I will upload a couple of pictures for any of you good peoples to have a look at with a view to add more at a later date.
    I have a question, I am after the keyring that belongs to the Foggy replica, it is number 173 of 202 made in the year 2000, when I purchased the bike last year the dealer did not have the keyring and so I am asking all you lovely people out there if anyone knows the whereabouts or has this keyring in their possession and would be willing to sell it to me so it can be back where it belongs with the bike it was married to, I am hoping it has not been lost.
    Please see photos attached and will be back soon.

    Thanks people, and safe riding

    IMG_20231103_142106_9 - Copy.jpg


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  2. Welcome to the forum.:)
  3. Welcome to the forum, hope your key ring hunt is successful :upyeah:
  4. Thanks buddy, have a nice day
  5. Welcome into our mad house
    Fingers crossed one of our lovely lot maybe able to help :)
  6. Thank you for your comment, I hope it turns up but not the end of the world if not, have a nice day
  7. That would be nice, here's hoping, thanks for your reply
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  8. A like for the 916sps only, welcome.:upyeah:
  9. A nice pair, I had #104 for a couple of years before it went to a Dentist in Germany. I also had a year 2000 R1
    when they first came out but part Xed it for an MV F4.
    I have another 996 now but not an SPS and an F4 so I have been watching out for another early R1
    as I think it would round out the set well.
  10. Greetings!

    Sorry totally out of key rings.
  11. Thanks for the post Mark, yes they are a nice pair.
    I pxd the 2000 R1 in the pics back in 2004 for a new Rossi rep R1, had that for a number of years then left biking for a couple of years and got my skydiving licence, I'm a bit of an adrenalin junkie obviously, I was then trawling ebay a few years ago and got my original R1 back, tarted it up a bit and it will only leave my side now when I am 6ft under.
    Got the Duke last year, always wanted one so will be keeping hold of this as well, can't believe the difference in how the Duke rides compared to the R1 but then the 996SPS was really made solely for the track although this one will not be seeing the track whereas the R1 had a couple of track days a few years ago, anyway nice chatting and roll on summer.
  12. Sorry Mark forgot to mention hope you find yourself another R1 soon.
  13. Good evening, hope you are well

    Shame about the keyring though
  14. Welcome and enjoy!
  15. I've an early ( carb, in blue) R1 that the owner might part with, needs tlc, he emigrated to Abu Dhabi about 10 years ago and left it with me, it's sat in the cellar I'll never use it.... It's unlikely that He's coming back because of the new salary rules about Bringing a foreign wife into UK ....
  16. Hello, many thanks, I'm sure I will, have a nice day.
  17. Not exactly, I've added the helmet on this thread, did I do the right thing or should I have added it to the original?
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  18. It's ok I will merge the two threads together :)
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