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Featured Ducati Foggy Replica 916 Key Ring Wanted For Number 173

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Tim Hunt, Jan 15, 2024.

  1. Sorted my friend.

    Thanks Viv @Ducbird
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  2. This is the first for me; never knew that the Foggy Rep came with a number-dedicated keyring (trust that you are not referring here to the numbered plaque on the headstock). Would be interested to see what it looks like from any Foggy Rep owners out there.
  3. Hi Nick
    Yes apparently every Foggy Rep came with a dedicated silver embossed keyring, I was not aware of this when I purchased the bike although I have the official numbered plaque, the silver headstock numbered plate, the foggy cover and bronze stand.
    I too would like to see what the keyring looks like as I have not actually seen one so anyone out there who has one please send a photo.
    I am going to attach a photo of the plaque and the silver plate just in case anyone wants to see them.

    Thanks for the reply Nick


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  4. Perhaps @Tonka could shed some light (and redacted pics) on this.
  5. Sat waiting for my Son I became bored enough to find this picture of a keyring. D80C1A06-B2DA-48DB-87E3-8E3CE7CE7306.jpeg
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  6. Trust that these are the important ones to have @Tim Hunt ; these would satisfy the most discerning buyers (along with a proven, reputable and consistent servicing/maintenance record). I am happy for your purchase and sincerely hope both you and the bike get your fair share of s-miles.
  7. I am pretty sure that now that we 've seen what it looks like, someone is bound to come up with information as to how, and whom, can replicate it. From the outset, it shouldn't be that challenging to make a mould out of the one from the headstock without removing it and adapting it accordingly around the edges where it's different. The picture is too shiny for me to distinguish in detail whether this is also silver.

    I do recall coming across online posts from limited edition owners who unfortunately had their headstock numbered plates removed at some stage; they may be able to provide some guidance on this similar concern.
  8. Cheers Nick
    Appreciate your comments
    Have a nice day
  9. Many thanks for the photo
    It is much appreciated
  10. I know it's about the set and all that, but after seeing the key ring, I hope it's not too mean to say its 100% underwhelming.

    Now if having a bit of silver would make you happier, best make me an offer for one of these remnants of my travelling currency. Could do with a little polish...

  11. Its all about the set, as underwhelming as it may be and what it is made of is completely irrelevant.

    You can keep hold of your ingot, not for me thanks
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  12. Hi Nick
    Sorry for the late reply, can you recall the names of any of the online posts where I might get some kind of guidance as to who may be able to replicate one of these key rings.
    Thanks in advance
  13. Hi
    Sorry for the late reply, just like to say thank you for the picture, it is much appreciated, any others you have, I wouldn't mind seeing them.
    Once again, manythanks
  14. Hi...welcome!!!
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