Ducati Forum Members 20% Off Conquest Carbon, Carbon Parts Only

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  1. Hi,
    I'm also looking at a Puig Race Screen for a 2016 Multistrada. Do you have a discount code for that please?
    Thank you,

  2. Hi, I too am looking to upgrade some parts on my bike to carbon, a discount code would be greatly appreciated
  3. Interested in the "Ducati Multistrada 1200 Carbon Fibre Pikes Peak Screen Gloss" (2014 4 pin model). Can you let me know what the delivery time would be (UK) and a discount code please? Much appreciated. Jon.
  4. Dukabike discount?
  5. excellent service from Conquest carbon, speedy delivery good membership discount too!!
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  6. Hi, Could you advise how to claim the discount please?
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  8. Hi. I’d like a discount code please to order some v4 parts


  9. I would also like a discount code please.
  10. might be wrong but dont you need to be a subscriber?
    oh maybe not.
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  11. take take take....just a little give!

    Save a whopping 20% from now until 25/11/2018


    T&C all items that show in stock are available for immediate shipping, any parts which show (available on backorder) please allow 4-6 weeks minimum delivery time!​

  13. Hi - Can you still offer 20% off Fullsix carbon ? you have the item in stock..

  14. Sorry the offer has expired, this was an offer subsidised by the factory hence how we were able to offer such a large discount. We do still offer a 10% discount?