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Ducati Forum: Our 2 Strokes

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Exige, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. There has been quite a few threads regarding 2 Strokes but I though we needed one to show Forum Members what we have sharing the home / garage / shed with our Ducati's & other 4 Strokes.

    Post pictures of your currently owned 2 Strokes here!

    I will start (now I finally own one) but you may have seen it cropping up here and there in various threads anyway as I am excited about it o_O
    1972 Yamaha YR5 350cc
    The bike was purchased at Octobers Bonham's Auction and turned out to be a little belter, with not much needed to fettle it. A Carb rebuild kit was ordered and fitted, some Gazi rear shocks and a dinky front mudguard (still need to countersink the bolts)
    It was sadly from a deceased's estate but I really like what the chap did with it, he had a good eye for detail and overall style I think.
    I have been wanting a stroker for a number of years but didn't know what to go for, until I saw this in the catalogue.

    Dragged it out of the kitchen today to finally get some better pictures following the little work I needed to do. It is MOT exempt from May so roll on next summer!!! o_O

    IMG_3583.JPG IMG_3584.JPG IMG_3585.JPG IMG_3587.JPG IMG_3594.JPG
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  2. The forks are falling out...
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  3. Cracking looking bike Stu, there were a few bits that were nice in the auction from the same estate...

    The chap certainly appreciated his bikes.
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  4. upload_2017-11-19_19-0-15.jpeg [​IMG] upload_2017-11-19_19-3-58.jpeg
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  5. Beautiful bike Stu :)
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  6. Silly old owl :)
  7. Sensible question: is that standard or has it been cafe-racer/flat track modified?

    Looks lovely whatever.
  8. Standard one here:

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  9. have you traced the history @Exige? as far as im aware "COD" regs originate from south Devon........
  10. Good thread! Always good for a bit blue haze!
    Here is mine: 350 powervalve in a 3ma chassis, modified to 400cc and putting out 86bhp. 20160312_150004.jpg
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  11. Needs some side covers, maybe in alli would be nice, to finish it off imho then would look the real deal
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  12. I have all the previous owners as it only had 2!
    James Raffle of Torrington bought it new and Douglas Bray of Plymouth bought it in 2005.
  13. I know what you mean but I like the fact there is nothing there too :)
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  14. and i thought my memory was reeaaally bad!
    Nice bike and love the candy paint job youve done there, i had a Z200 that i flattracked, easy, stressfree builds and fun bhp not balistic missile fear.....
  15. Just noticed the guard for the pod filters, see you have added a front mudguard much better look now but possible paint it black or for a special look emulate the petrol tank colours/style. Nice petrol cap.
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  16. It's all the previous owners work, I have just replaced the shocks and fitted the front guard. The paint is lovely in the flesh (metal)
    Will be fitting matching front brake res assy and clutch lever assy soon I think to finish it off.

  17. That's a brilliant looking bike, I had a YR5 in the early 80's (seized it) and replaced it with an RD350B....best bike I ever owned!
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  18. I thought you were better than that....!!
    mind you i should have guessed cause buying in Oct and nearly finished in Nov is defo not your turn around time ;) ref the Kwaker build thread!!! :upyeah:
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  19. Here we go:-

    1971 B175 Bantam (bought as box of bits around 1980).

    1980 MZ bought as bits 2 years ago.


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