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For Sale Ducati Hypermotard 796

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by DucatiScud, Dec 15, 2019.

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  1. As the header

    I’m parting company with my hyper due to purchasing a KTM 790 Scalpel as they’re doing pretty deals at the moment and can’t stretch to Hyper 950 prices.

    Owned since February this year has MOT until April, I’m happy to present for a retest should the buyer desire.

    Is standard except for the screen which I fitted 2 weeks ago, bike hasn’t been used since before the fitting.

    It’s done 9490 miles around 2,000 of which was by me, It has full Ducati service history until 7500 at which point an independent garage carried out the service.

    Looking for offers around £3750

    Please find photos attached:






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  2. Price drop, before it goes to dealers £3550,
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  3. Is that same as jen c has got? That looks a nice little bike I really like jens bike
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  4. I don’t know Jen C so I have no idea, it’s been a fun bike to have. Great for nipping round town and longer journeys now it has the flyscreen fitted. I have a PX value on it but would prefer a private sale I wanted to keep it but just haven’t the time or space. Just waiting on the dealer now to confirm when I can pick up the 790 Duke, wanted a bike with all the toys on. Got a good deal on the KTM for it’s OTR price, they’re heavily discounting them at the moment.
  5. I think it should sell it looks great value can’t see it hanging around bloody wish I could have a go at it I love jens
  6. Absolute steal for someone. Wish I had the cash.
  7. Agree, did you get an update on when it goes to the dealers? And how do I put @JenC ...oh I did it
  8. Not as yet, the KTM dealer just said the Ducati dealer wanted to wait until the New Year. He had the cheapest KTM deal by a large margin on his first deal gave me the highest PX value. He offered more than have Ducati dealers against similar priced bikes in the Summer.

    He had offered it to brokers but their offers were real low ball offers, I was upfront with him about the other prices I’d had from KTM dealers and his was the best price. A couple of KTM dealers would only price match on previous quotes some would up the PX value after I wouldn’t accept the first price.
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  9. Now on eBay at my original price here, however it will me sold to site members at my price drop. Also I’ll throw in an Exact Start kit I purchased recently but haven’t had chance to fit.
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  10. No longer for sale, other funding options are going to be used.
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