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Ducati Insurance

Discussion in 'Insurance - Sponsored by Ducati Insurance' started by Daddy2coull, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. Got a quote from Ducati insurance today. But there’s nowhere on the form to list any modifications. Surely they don’t just insure standard bikes.
  2. Watching with interest…

    Can’t wait to get away fro Carol Nash. Just moved house just 1.2 miles down the road, exact same circumstances and they charged me £30 for change of address then another £17 on top for admin fees! Wankers!

    Then thought about telling them about the change of colour but they would have to void my policy if I did. They wouldn't even insure a vinyl wrapped bike! So, I’m on the look out for someone else.
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  3. For reference. Bemoto are more expensive and still no option to add modifications
  4. Bemoto member also, with race-exhaust & few carbon bits. It's more expensive because the service is better & offers rescue coverage around europe.
  5. The quotes are for standard bikes , you have to call them to add modifications. They then work out a quote with added modifications.
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  6. I have had no problems with Ducati Insurance covering modifications.

    They may not be the cheapest but when my V4R was stolen after only 431 miles they were prompt and fair in paying up; a huge hit to the underwriters.
  7. Why can’t they just say to call if you have modifications though. Hardly user friendly.
  8. I went with bemoto following my MCE policy expiring this month, lucky for me got out without being impacted.

    Must say, absolutely delighted with Bemoto, purchased online for a good price but you do have to call them to list modifications. Was very happy when they said no change to your policy price with mods added
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  9. Hi Stan. Important mods or just small ones?

  10. Just the norm like termi end cans, rearset, upmap + air filter, GB racing covers and security devices etc.
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  11. Anything that could make the bike more attractive to nick will affect the premium
  12. You should tell them about every modification , even if you change something trivial. Insurance companies will use any excuse to avoid paying out.
  13. Just insured my monster 1200 & Versys 1000 with corn market, the IAM Roadsmart insurers.
    Both fully comp, low. Excess, helmet & leathers cover for just over 300.
  14. I paid Ducati Insurance approx £2100 to insure my Diavel 1260S in October as I'd only had my bike licence for 10 months although I have 1 year NCB. December I'd had my licence one year, shopped around, bennets additions £634.00. Called Ducati insurance, they couldn't come close so cancelled and got a refund approx £1450.00. Refund paid for the Diavel insruance with Bennets and my Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce insurance that was due and money left over :)
  15. Currently with Ducati, will be looking to see what my renewal will be in March
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