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Ducati Limited Edition Plaques

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Exige, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. I've heard a few times that some market's didn't get plaques with the R derivative bikes. Seemed a bit odd but I wonder if there is another explanation like sloppy factory practices at the time perhaps.
    The plaques below are all 999R Fila replica plaques and all check out as real manufactured bikes with a specific day of build showing (thanks for checking them out for me - you know who you are ;)). Most are not listed as registered for warranty but that was common evidently. The one's that show state Finland, Germany and Italy as the 'Sold in Country'
    They were let go by the factory within a batch of 'obsolete stock'.

    They are now in my kitchen :D

    So, I have 5% of all Fila plaques (10 of 200 bikes) + the one I got with my Fila R of course so that's 11 :)

    Now to find the owners missing their plaques :Watching:

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  2. How the hell do ya get your hands on things like this?
  3. Got them from an Italian company in the USA who have contacts and seem to get obsolete stock out of the Factory and evidently they came in a bulk lot - looks like they have contacts :Bag:
  4. How much??
  5. They are not yet for sale but will be, preferably to the owners of the specific bikes :Angelic:
  6. Well, I know you haven't got mine :grinning:.
    Makes me wonder what you paid,
    I'm thinking you might make a few $'s on them.
  7. I'm thinking someone would be happy to pay £300 to someone missing theirs (I know I would but I have mine also :D ) - I speculated at a good price, but it would be nice to have them where they belong!
    Out of interest does yours show '999R Fila' on the plaque or '999R' only? 6 of these shoe 'Fila' but all check out as Fila's with factory records. My own just shows 999R also but still checks out OK and has 'GBR FILA' on the Code Card too.
  8. Mine says 999R Exige, I think your right about the coin for the plaques,
    now your mission begins trying to find the rightful owners.

    Seems like it's the US guys that missed out on there's mostly, so I'd start
    on US ebay and forums, great responsibility comes with those plaques :).
  9. Being a Ducati guy, I would be giving these to the owners of the bikes that the plaques belong to.

    But I guess I am a softie, rather than a mercenary :)
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  10. You need to be rewarded for the effort and the risk, your hard earned pounds tied up in plaques you might not sell.
  11. I never got the plaque for my Desmo, I would like to have it, but it makes little difference to me.

    If the original owner (or speculator) of the bike offered it to me for £300, I'd tell him where to stick it. He can keep it on his mantle piece to remind him of the bike he sold.
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  12. bike's a fake then.

    No Ducati 999r Exiges' were ever made. they just hang the phone up if you try and verify it.
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  13. 2016-02-04 18.36.26.png There were quite a few plaques for sale on ebay recently seller stating that if you sent him your numbers he would look to see if he had it . Cheap as. 2016-02-04 18.36.34.png 2016-02-04 18.36.34.png
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  14. fking hell. from $30 to £300
    russian style!
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  15. Hi,
    Is it available?
    If yes, then I'd like to buy one, thanks
  16. I have since acquired quite a few more, but not put them u for sale.
    When I have time I need to list all the numbers to try and match with the real bikes.
    Do you have a particular one missing? If so is it a Fila 999R?
    Or if not do you just want one for an ornament :thinkingface:
  17. Got any for a Desmo? I never got one and think my bike might be a fake. o_O
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  18. No, do you have any crayons :thinkingface:
  19. Gentleman, no fighting in the war-room!
  20. Yes, but I stick them up my nose at work and put my under crackers on my head when I'm trying to get out of a job. :rolleyes:
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