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For Sale Ducati Monster 1100 Evo Diesel

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by tricolore, May 3, 2021.

  1. With regret putting my Monster up for sale. 2012 Monster 1100 EVO Diesel. Only 15 in total registered in the U.K. back in 2012/13 and a 1000 made in total. Covered just 5700 miles with 2 previous owners, one for 6 years. Full Ducati SH and done last October with new sintered pads and replaced fluids and belts, plugs. Brand new Michelin Power Sport 5 done 100 miles. Few items replaced with new OEM to bring it up to as new condition. All books spare key.

    Bike can only be described as immaculate.

    Totally original example apart from LSL black levers again fitted new last year, silver originals also included. Data tool S4 red alarm. Just been MOT’d in April.

    Evo’s are fetching strong money, I believe with this mileage, rarity and 9.5/10 condition worth £8500. It needs nothing.

    Any questions please PM me.

    DD900620-808D-4889-ACB2-0B4738ACD409.jpeg F6ED3F45-13F1-4C8F-82F3-33096987FF1A.jpeg 7B6533CF-9875-400E-B02E-0B8A70F7D5A6.jpeg
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  2. That’s nice.
    Out of curiosity - the Diesel badges appear to be restricting the intakes into the airbox ? Is that standard for this model?

  3. Thanks

    The Diesel badges are angled for the air to go through at the front, probably works better than the standard vents.
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  4. That's very unusual & i've never seen one on the highway ever, a strong asking price but perhaps such a low volume of numbers demand that.
  5. Funnily enough I saw one the other day at Ducati Manchester. It was in for service :)
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  6. Lovely but where's your picture man.;)
  7. I can never be arsed to take pics. I let others do it.
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  8. I must confess i've days like that.
  9. I believe I’ve pitched it just right, standard Evo’s fetch £7 - £7.5k all day long from dealers with much higher miles. With new tyres, serviced, low miles it’s rarity and condition etc it’s good value IMO. A couple of dealers have said they’ll market it for me but thought I would try on here first.

    Thanks for looking...
  10. Yes you've nothing to lose on here and perhaps the Carandclassic site might be helpful.
  11. The vents don't do anything as the tank panels are only covers over the actual fuel tank .

  12. Beg to differ M'lud. The vents lead straight to the airbox intakes under the tank panels
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